Corgi puppy hates mini pumpkin


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Oh mini pumpkin, your insolence will not go unpunished. How dare you sit there and relax, swathed in your nonchalance.


I dunno - looks like puppy is trying to get the pumpkin to play, but it just sits there.


Tasteful ragtime background music…the first was the Maple Leaf, what was the second piece?


The inhabitants of the planet are large and hostile, Captain. I recommend that we abort the mission and return to the Mothership.


Plants are pretty alien, by eukaryotic standards at least. Practically family compared to some procaryotic freaks; but not very close family.


yeah, but who doesn’t really? Stupid decorative cucurbita pepo. I bark at thee too.


I have the same reaction to mini pumpkins. I can’t even go to the store from late September through early December.


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