Young dog has a hard time convincing a sleeping pig to play with it


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Looks predictably cute, but there’s no way I’m sitting through a 30sec commercial for it.


Played straight into the video for me


That is exactly me and my 4 year old son every morning. Right down to the piggy proportions.


I dislike pigs…


Thanks for sharing!



Let sleeping hogs lie.


if your old computer won’t play the embed, the source, or the twitter video of this, here is the format I finally could play it with:


I have only one question: Does a pig really need a pillow?


We all deserve to be comfy :slight_smile:


The doggie doesn’t want to play with piggie. Doggie is massaging piggie…makes for crispier bacon later. Nom, nom, doggie.


uBlock for the win.


But then you miss out on classics like this!


Thanks! What breed of dog is that? Cute


But what happens in the end? Did the pupper succeed in convincing that other, much larger pupper to chase it down the hallway?


It looks like a husky or an Alaskan malamute to me, but I don’t really know dogs enough to be sure. Though the level of… enthusiasm is about what I’d expect out of a malamute, from my brief experience with them.


Yeah, Sammy, I think you’ll find you have there a klee kai…a smaller-size husky-type dog bred to be one of your companion dogs.


Is that hog a support animal?


if you can bring yourself to butcher it …