This hog ain't no pig – watch how he tidies up the room


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Piggos are by far the cutest food


My 3yo just starting doing this unprompted in our living room. We used to have her do a little cleanup before bed every night just to get in the habit, now she does it spontaneously a few times a day to “clear her dance floor.” Motivation is key!


Dogs are pretty cute, too.


Humans can be even cuter and people sometimes eat them.




That’s cute, but I’m glad he doesn’t play basketball. Cute piggy!


I just say NO!


cue the “BACON!!” comments…congratulations.


Plus he understands German? I can’t even do that.


Apparently I need to get a pig so she can pick up after my cats.


I didn’t watch the video, but maybe it is a Göttinger Minischwein?

Also, German does sound like pigdin, to most native speakers of non-germanic languages at least, and to quite a number of anglophones as well…



Dogs can be food as well.


You don’t say…never occurred to me.


I’m here to help.


I was served dog once, and went ahead, so as not to embarrass my host. Quite as good as any other lean meat.


Keep that momentum going, friend. Our ten year old regards cleaning her room akin to cleaning the Augean Stables – there is nothing that will convince her it is a task that she can handle on her own.




Do you know which breed you had?