Coronavirus: China blocks Apple supplier Foxconn from restarting factories as outbreak spreads

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I manufacture in Shenzhen, everyone’s been away back in their home towns over Chinese New Year, essentially the authorities are worried that lots of people will have (or are) coming back carrying the virus, sharing it on the train/bus/plane, generally spreading it further around the country than would normally happen. Places like Foxcon also run large shared dorms

I think they want to let people settle in back where they normally live hoping that those who are infected will show up and can be isolated - employers are supposed to take everyone’s temperature every morning when they do start back (thermometers are now sold out).

In general it seems to me that the Chinese govt is trying to do the right things in the face of a large problem, it’s going to take a while before things get back to normal … meanwhile here in NZ, where China is our biggest trading partner, whole industries are shutting down, people are being laid off.

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