Coronavirus outbreak leads to beef production cuts at Cargill plant in Canada that supplies McDonald's patties

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There’s beef in McDonalds burgers?


You have to flavor the sawdust and newspaper with something.


Who knew the sound of a supply chain collapsing was “moooooooooo”?


Wrong end of the cow. :wink:


And so the actual food shortages begin…

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Oh no 2,500 cows aren’t being killed every day. Hopefully means 2,500 fewer cows being forcefully impregnated, and 2,500 cows not having their babies stolen from them.

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You realize that whenever something happens towards the end of a supply chain (ie, the burger end, not the cow end), it takes a LONG time for the effects to manifest back upstream, no? Just because a plant is closed or running at a lower capacity right now doesn’t mean that cattle ranchers are going to change their breeding schedules. Calving season just happened in a lot of North America and populations were planned last year based on forecasted demand (sans pandemic) for this year. The glib tone of your comment is pretty distasteful given that plant closures/reductions mean people lose their jobs, ranchers are left with excess product that cannot be sold, and it’s all around bad for everyone. This is not even touching upon what may turn into a food shortage when you add in the closures/reductions at protein factories here in the US.

The glib tone of your comment is pretty distasteful since it seems to imply that rather than actually address the cruelty and unsustainability in our food industries that actually lead to the shitty situations you described, our first priority should be to get back to needlessly killing thousands more cows a day to support a destructive, irresponsible, harmful, and less-than-unnecessary industry.

Omnivores are such a sanctinonious bunch. Always pushing their weird worldview and lifestyle on others. Good grief.


Eat some lentils.

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On the plus side maybe this will get Trump’s attention. WPA declaration in 3…2…

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I don’t disagree with you that less meat production would be a good thing: plant-based (and heck, even meat-reduced) diets are increasingly looking to be better for the environment and the people eating them. What I don’t want is it to happen like this: with people getting sick, people losing their jobs and livelihoods, and with animals (which have been selectively been bred for their meat) sitting around on farms going to waste when there is still arguably a demand.

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Ah, Cargill.

Boy howdy those meat packing companies sure are busy, huh?

Four (4) companies control 85% of the meat-packing market. The cattle ranchers are paid less and less for the cows, the prices of beef at the grocery are going up.


FWIW, smtg I’ve always wondered: if we didn’t eat cows, or drink their milk, etc etc, what is their purpose/niche, then?

What is any animal’s purpose?

What’s your purpose to me? You don’t seem to have one. Can I eat you?

After the pandemic, millions of customers will go back to eating meat, so it’ll all even out in the end.

The radio show “Your Call” did a good segment on this today. Farm workers are also unable to work safely. They share trailers four to a room with a common bathroom & work side by side, with no protective gear, testing or health care. We need to pay attention to this now. Not only the food supply is threatened but also the national health when the virus breaks out in these pockets.

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