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@mmascari Or, you know, report it to the ATF. Dealers deal under an FFL, Federal Firearms License, and that is the regulatory body.

@WoolyBugger No it wouldn’t. Guns sold at gun shows are mostly through FFL dealers, and so they are going through background checks.

Some people are not dealers and selling stuff from a private collection, and able to do so with face to face sales from people in the same state. They are a minority at most shows, maybe 1-3 per show, depends on the show and size, though I am sure their are exceptions. But that is all legal.

As funny as Bert Kreischer is, he is making stuff up for a laugh. His explanation is nonsensical.

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Thank you! I appreciate this, very much!


That’s the point. It doesn’t matter if they’re doing it or not. They’ll still have to defend. It’s the cost of defense even if they’re not doing anything wrong that would drive them out of business.

Report to the ATF, the government investigates, no cost to the defense.
Sue to collect a bounty, the defense has to pay to defend even if innocent with no ability to recover any costs.

Guilt doesn’t matter at all here. Just pick anything you don’t like, deputize someone else to deal with it, no recourse available.


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