Corruption crisis in world spinach capital

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Too much Spinach just ain’t a good thing.

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Who no doubt pities the fools in the city government.


Any info on which Elliot Ness ran this operation? or…(tin foil hat warning)
well, given the recent revelations of much more serious, more systemic corruption elsewhere, this kind of has that “scraps for the masses” feel.

I admit, perhaps one town, one police force had what it took to push back against such disease…but in texas? really?

I am looking forward to the next instalment of True Detective!


It’s perfect: doesn’t affect the oil or gas industries, and swipes at something that is considered un-American and offensive in Republican circles: a fresh healthy vegetable.


Corruption in the Rio Grande Valley is a Texas tradition. Just look at LBJ & Box 13.

elliot CRESS.


The important thing is that the investigators were able to turnip enough evidence to have these criminals collard.


Yes, you can’t beet that sort of initiative and hard work, especially on a civil servant’s celery. They clearly know their onions. It mustard been hard to prevent any leeks before they were ready to pounce. Lettuce hope that all the criminals have bean caught.


i will take this opportunity to yell “POPEYE’S IN THE CAN WITH BIG SPINACH!” as i sometimes do. people never seem to understand - i hope this story helps everyone see the light.


operated by a criminal nicknamed “Mr. T.”

I pity the fool.

This Mr. T fellow is also rumored to go around singing I’m Mean, I’m Mean I’m Mean
and to have had a dream about beating himself up (he’s that mean, folks)

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