FBI arrests nearly all of the top officials of Crystal City, Tex


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I saw Texas and then stopped, my regards to those that love that flea bitten state.


I thought <a href=“https://bbs.boingboing.net/t/corruption-crisis-in-world-spinach-capital/73393"target=”_blank">Groundhog’s Day was last week.


I’m still hopeful this is the plot for S3 of True Detective!


Crystal city? That sounds like it should be a location in a Pokémon game. Were they dealing in forged gym badges or something?


Happy to see the FBI do something useful


The article makes me wonder if the sixth official was smart enough to avoid getting caught, or just not in on the scheme, and too dumb to get their piece of the action. Or, you know, an actual honest politician? Hmmm…


Possibly the whistleblower?


[quote=“chgoliz, post:8, topic:73469, full:true”]
Possibly the whistleblower?
[/quote]Well, that is the best way to get rich in a corruption scandal!


S2 was based on my neighbor, Vernon…
‘True Detective’ setting based on California city with a corrupt past - LA Times


I lived in Crystal City for a bit. It actually has a very interesting history.

I pulled this from a few different sources wiki & tshaonline:

During World War II, Crystal City was home to the largest of the World War II internment camps, having housed American civilians of German, Japanese, and Italian ancestry.

By the late 1960s, Crystal City would become the location of continued activism in the civil rights movement among its Mexican-American majority population, and the birthplace of the third party political movement known as La Raza Unida Party

Before 1971, with only a single exception, only Anglos had been selected as city managers, while from 1971 through the 1980s only Mexican Americans held that position. Similarly, the school superintendents had all been Anglo from 1908 to 1971, and from 1971 to 1990 they were all Mexican American. After Mexican Americans secured control of the city public schools in 1970, most Anglo students withdrew to private schools, and the public schools were 98 percent Mexican American through the 1980s.


I figured it was Walter White’s base of operation.


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Great to see the FBI investigating some of that top level graft in er… slot machines.

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