Fake cops robbing Detroiters turn out to be real cops


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Maybe they were just collecting money to fund that new $444 million hockey arena.


Maybe we need to start a kickstarter to build an actual Robocop… Or like a factory with jobs in it…


The trim of the quote is slightly misleading; one of the cops was 47, and he was the 20-year veteran. The other cop was 42, and a 17-year veteran. I know, it doesn’t materially change the significance of the quote, but the discrepancy still caught me up as I read the linked report.


i know i’m cynical, but what’s the difference anyway?


Quality HR and training work right there. It’s so difficult to find good personel these days. Some say the police in detroid would hire just about anyone. Not so, they only hire accredited career criminals.

Did you know you can get a sweet house in Detroit for about $10k cash-in-hand? You’ll get murdered there, but so what, while you are living it is GREAT, cheap living. Win win win.

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As George Will so wisely said about Detroit recently, “You can’t solve the problems, because their problems are cultural.”

“You have a city, 139 square miles, you can graze cattle in vast portions of it, dangerous herds of feral dogs roam in there. You have three percent of fourth graders reading at the national math standards, 47 percent of Detroit residents are functionally illiterate, 79 percent of Detroit children are born to unmarried mothers.”

“They don’t have a fiscal problem, Steve, they have a cultural collapse.”

It’s all because those veteran cops were born out of wedlock or, as they say, bastards.


“Majority rules don’t work in a mental institution.” ~ Fat Mike


Not very good cops. They failed to follow procedure. The usual action in this case is to arrest the photographer for obstruction, confiscate their camera or phone, and conveniently lose the photograph.


Protect and Serve!

Normal procedure according to US standards afaik is:

  1. Beat the crap out of the photographer while yelling “He’s resisting …”
  2. arrest him for charges like obstruction and resisting arrest and assault on an officer (charges must add to 20 years or life minimum)
  3. destroy the camera AND the memory or alternatively somehow lose it
  4. When presented with clear evidence of wrongdoing suspend the offending officer for 3 days (paid)
  5. One year later the officer sues for emotional damage after the public outcry and gets a hefty sum

it IS actually a squat-to-own situation. if you get a house up to code, the city will give it to you. i don’t know the details, and i’m sure the specifics are more complicated than that, but i seriously know trainhoppers that are now proud homeowners. i could imagine “hip” neighborhoods forming, just cuz it’s so close to other cities.

you must be white. the actual procedure is:

  1. kill them

That snark literally just knocked me off my chair.

“Don’t worry, everything will be ok, they have a Robocop statue.”

That sir, was a low blow.

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We are talking about Detroit here. You remember the news about how the city is bankrupt? And how the people who are likely to bear the brunt of the financial loss are city workers, who will probably lose all their pensions?

I watched the whole video. While the cops obviously didn’t follow normal procedure, and have some what gone out alone, the full story appears to be they are recovering one of the cop’s daughter’s stole phone which was mugged from her. Perhaps the only way to get something done in a bankrupt city… They are wearing badges and uniform so the exact line they have crossed is perhaps procedural only.

If the cops felt there were acting outside the law, would they have done this in such a public place with CCTV?

We obviously don’t know the full story, but it also doesn’t seem to be as black&white as Rob implies, even the Fox article suggests otherwise.

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While a warrant has been submitted to the Wayne County Prosecutor’s
Office, no charges have yet been authorized. Meanwhile, the attorney
for the St. Clair Shores sergeant said this case is not at all what it
seems and that the alleged victims are far from innocent.

They are already blaming the victims. S.O.P.