For a few thousand bucks, Detroit police will give a business higher 911 priority


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Detroit is simply trying to illustrate the importance of net neutrality.

Thank you, Detroit.


“Nice business ya gots there… Be a shame if you were robbed and we… took our time getting here…”

An official protection racket. What a world.


Soooo - this is like a legal, government protection racket? At least the gangs and mafia are honest about it.


How else is Omni Consumer Products (OCP) supposed to fund their RoboCop program after the failure of ED-209?


What could possibly go wrong!


Just another step in the crapification of this country.


It’s like Big Brother and Marcus Licinius Crassus got together over beers and figured out their dream business plan. All that’s missing is adding in an extra feature where the fire department doesn’t hurry to put out fires unless you’ve paid for higher firefighting priority.


I knew this seemed familiar…


Late stage capitalism.

Like obviously


Regulatory capture?


Green “Light?” Get it? It’s for “light” people…


I thought Ted Nugent kept the streets of Detroit safe from crime.


Late stage Boingboing.


Someone has to pay for Robocop!


Yeah you’d think the Detroit police would do everything in their power to avoid looking like they’re getting privatized.


I really can’t bring myself to believe that the root problem here is that the wealthier people have more access to costly resources like police, gates, walls, sentinels, &etc… it seems to me the problem is that there aren’t enough jobs in Detroit, and therefore crime is out of control.


I’ve only seen the Godfather once, but I’m pretty sure this is a protection racket.


Brought to you by a partnership between the Detroit Police Department and Omni Consumer Products.

Seriously this is some real dystopian shit.


My main issues with this are twofold:

  1. why isn’t this just a part of the police budget, if it’s part of police duties. Raise taxes on all of us if it benefits all of us. why are they charging these stores out of pocket?

  2. Giving police a live feed into your store’s activities? Given the spotless record of police, particularly in high crime areas, I am super duper confident this access and authority will never be abused or hurt the store owner in any way. Jesus, this is a fucking gateway drug to all kinds of fucking corruption.