Felons, Nazis: Michigan is occupied by an army of 3,000 armed, unregulated "police reservists"


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Well, you know, if the state tries to impose standards and taxes citizens to fund the effort it’s starting us down the Road to Serfdom.


I sense a business opportunity for bank robbers here. Just rob the bank and have your own men respond to the alarm.


Unpaid cops, great idea.
Just ask Mexico.



Hey, why not? We’ve already turned over many critical operations of the military to armed, unregulated private contractors…what better way to avoid accountability?


And as state oversight dwindles, this infestation will begin taking over those functions as well; soon after, dynastic barons will start popping up, and everything is fine. MAGA.

Bring on the Jackpot.


Years of politicians afraid of raising taxes, trying to lure Business™ to the state with it’s crumbling roads, lead tainted water and failing public schools located right at the top of the rust belt have turned the Great Lake state into more of a third world nation than a shining beacon of hope to those insufferable Canadians on the other side of the water. What a dump. Hey, wait a second. I live in Michigan! Crap cakes!! (runs off to start a Go Fund Me to get the hell outta Dodge)


Michigan. Mishegas.


I used to live in Michigan when I was a kid. I occasionally get the urge to head back to Midland and walk the Tridge, and visit the Hall of Ideas and the library.
This article has convinced me to indulge my nostalgic streak by means of Google Maps.


Note that the idea of “have fewer cops” is never considered.


That 's executive-level thinking.


Badges? Badges?


It is not quite the same thing, but I am reminded of George Zimmerman “policing” his neighborhood. Cops sometimes do bad stuff too, but at least they are professionals.


At least they get paid to do bad stuff.




Oh, it’s coming. I’m glad I’m old, which I hope let’s me die before the worst of it.


I dreamed last night No more cops
It felt alright No more cops
No need to fight No more cops

'Cause no one needs to steal
Everyone gets a meal
If it was only real
We’d need no more cops

I dreamed last night no police
An army-less world doomed to peace
And now as all my dreaming stops
I see it clear, we need no more cops

No need to fear
I’d want to cheer
And I wish you were here
Before my slumber stops

It seems to me
That if we’re really free
We need no more cops

No Holy War No more God
No more rent No more deeds
No more money No more greed
No more hate No more fear

No one unhappy No one sad
No one ripped off No one mad
But I awake Here instead
I wish I had Stayed in bed

I’d stay asleep in the deep
And in my thoughts I’d keep
No more cops

When life gets mean
Share in the dream
Until you scream - no more cops
I dreamed late last night

No more cops
No more cops
No more cops



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