Toddy Tee's Batterram

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History is so full of weird details and odd twists and turns. As Mark Twain apparently said, “Truth will always be stranger than fiction, because fiction has to make sense.”


Argh, where are my 3-D glasses for that first panel?

Nice to see Greg Mack made it out to Huerta High!

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What was the community’s attitude towards the police and the crack dealers? Sounds like there was ill will towards both sides as no one would want to be in the middle of a war.


Anybody have a source for the original (home produced) version?

There’s a super low quality version on YouTube (link: and it sounds like the backing track is a sample of Rappin’ Duke of all things. (As an aside, for such an awful novelty song, Rappin’ Duke sure had a great backing track.)


So if the LAPD demolishes your house, do they have to buy you a new one?

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