That guy who made up a story about stealing a brick of heroin from an MS-13 gang member says he now regrets it

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I’m like 50/50 on this new story being bullshit too.


Yeah I’m 100% on him being the one priming the pump with that first $35


Wait, his dealer kicked him out of his own house for making up a story about duping drug dealers? Is is saying his weed guy just stole his entire house?


Ah, but sometimes lies are entertaining.

Great example of a fun, but probably bullshit collection of stories:

Great example of hilariously bad bullshit stories, which are fun because everyone makes fun of them:


People like contributing to gofundmes when good people are befallen with bad things they can’t control. This isn’t that.

From the gofundme page:

I recognize I’m only in this position because of my own vanity and stupidity, but I’m hoping you’ll want me to live long enough to maybe have a shot at making a movie out of the story you enjoyed.

this story keeps getting dumber and dumber.


How deep can it go? I’m not quite there yet, but after a couple more levels, I might be hooked.

Guy who made up a story about regretting making up a story about stealing a brick of herion newly regrets it.


Saw the “story” on IMGUR yesterday and only got about half way through it before I stopped because of how dumb it was with inconsistencies. Now I’m thinking the whole thing was a stunt by some piss poor writer who wants to turn their made up crappy story into a screenplay! Screw this guy and lets not waste anymore time on his mediocre story.


As he says in the medium piece “I did it because I wanted to showcase my writing abilities, and get attention.” Like the last story this is him trying to get a job writing screenplays. His stories aren’t bad. It might work

Enh, anyone can make up a good story (just write about a kid who finds out that they have access to a secret, magical world…). If you want to be a screenwriter you need execution. The weed dealer kicking him out of his own house is not the kind of execution you want.

  1. I am shocked - SHOCKED that this story was made up. Ok, not that shocked.

  2. If he had kept it at “I found a brick of heroin and sold it.” It might have stood. He took that from plausible to implausible as soon as he added the line about the previous owner looking for the van. And then hit, “Give me a fucking break.” when he was hustling the gang members.

  3. Unless he actually KNOWS some MS-13 people. I don’t really think they would take the time to track him down to fuck with him. I mean, I think they have better things to do than beat down an arm chair commando. But who knows.

  4. Oh most definately the new kick starter is a scam. I mean, I guess if 25,000 people liked his yarn well enough to kick him a buck, cool. You can’t even buy new comic for that price.


He gets ONE like from me for having Andy Kaufman-sized balls, though.


And because the armed MS 13 who traveled all the way up to meet him are soooo gonna pay him $5,000 for the van in the story. Verrrrry plausible.

Now if he had just claimed to have found a brick of heroin in a locked safe in a house he just bought… :thinking:


He’s in approximately as much danger from MS-13 gang members as Vince Gilligan is from the Mexican cartels. Good for him to try and spin his “regret” into asking for people’s money, though?


"I’m just an opportunistic asshole with a brilliant imagination."

haha no. I know a few (professional) writers. None of them ever refer to themselves as brilliant, even the incredibly talented ones. Maybe this part of the story was planned from the start (as in he wanted from the beginning to write a movie about a guy who makes up a viral story and then it bites him in the ass) but I don’t care. Either way the story is “dopey idiot gets in over his head.” No thanks.


Plot twist: His original story was true, but the IRS came after him for the taxes on the money he made selling the heroin.


Street gangs exist specifically for the purpose of visiting violence on people who would attempt to take advantage of a group member. They gain their power through the fear of that violence. If they allow the public to think that threat is not real, it undermines their entire operation. This guy’s story on the largest platform in the world, portrayed them as foolish and suggested that he escaped retribution. MS-13 should be highly motivated to hurt this man in a very public way. This man is an idiot. He should change his name and move to Lebanon.


“Up Next: Van Guy’s Lebanese Series of Unfortunate Events”!


I’m betting his nan wrote him a paper check and he deposited for her. His nan used to run an opium den so she understands. But then she met Elvis… but that’s another medium story…