Cory's Law

Continuing the discussion from Crowdfunding £12,000 to fight mandatory UK Internet filters:

Allow me to tempt you to turn to the dark side!

We should crowd-fund a campaign to require by law filters based on content.

We need:

  • URL blacklisting to prevent us accessing addresses such as‎
  • ISPs to maintain an access log of all pages requested by all subscribers for a minimum period of 7 years, or for the statutory limit of liability for the crime that the subscriber may later be accused of, whichever is longer.

This will force ISPs to identify and log criminal traffic, it will provide a subsidy in kind to data storage firms, whilst creating a barrier to entry for new ISPs hoping to enter the market. We could easily have community mesh networks that avoid central infrastructure; by creating a logging requirement in law we can block such developments without explicitly appearing anti-competitive.

Other requirements:

  • Introduce criminal liability for negligent ‘misuse’ of the internet - if you are an ISP subscriber, and it is shown that your connection was used to commit copyright theft or to post a derogatory comment about David Cameron, you are presumed to be responsible for the act

  • An admissible defence is to show that someone else physically commandeered your computer. It is explicitly not a defence to argue that someone remotely commandeered your computer.

This will create a vast liability for casual internet users, necessitating the creation of an Internet Insurance Industry. Uninsured internet users will be financially ruined by the first copyright claim made against them; insured browsers can defray the costs of copyright claims by using their insurance, whilst losing their no-claims bonus.

  • State Authorised Internet Loss Adjusters will view the pirated videos of Miley Cyrus, (etc) to independently evaluate the claims made by movie studios against citizens.

Other provisions of Cory’s Law:

  • Network Address Translation must be outlawed when connecting to the public internet; an IP address must always equate to the identity of an individual. Each citizen must have legal ownership and legal accountability for the traffic from a given IP6 addresses. It doesn’t matter if an ISP actually implements the policy - once it is enshrined in law that IP = ID, market forces will drive all ISPs to remove NAT, because no customer will want to be held legally accountable for the actions of another.

  • The Home Office to open the Internet Address Licencing Authority (IPLA), based in Swansea, that is the sole issuer of IP6 addresses (or subnets) for the UK.

Advertisers and Insurers will be allowed to apply to the IPLA and pay a fee to gain the personal information about the IP address holder for a fee of £2.50 per person, thus monetising government data in a sustainable way

  • People must file a Statutory Off-Line Notice (SOLN) if they rescind an IP6 address

Think of the economic prosperity and growth of the service industries that regulation can provide!

ugh. and watch, it’ll all happen, too :frowning:

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