Cosplayers and EFF team up for privacy

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I find this kind of hilarious, because, IIRC, you have to provide your government-issued ID to get into DragonCon*, and are required to display your con badge - with your legal name visible on it - at all times while in public areas of the con. Seems like kind of a weird place to express a desire to remain anonymous.

* Note: I didn’t go this year, so not 100% certain it’s still true - but it was true all the years that I did go.

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They were there to talk about domestic surveillance, net neutrality, car hacking, journalism in the post-Snowden era, and DIY government transparency.

Of course you have to have an ID to pick up your badge, so they make sure the right person gets the badge they paid for. And the badge allows you to get into the D*C areas at all the host hotels, so having it handy is not really the big brother burden you are making it out to be.

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