How to protect your privacy at a protest


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Hoodie & Balaclava, works for me.



No Mask Rule?


I understand the original law was put in place to help defeat the KKK.



I’m not surprised. It’s auburn.


Don’t forget the stones in your shoes.


Try this instead.

Scramble suit


I’m a fan of Madonna’s method of anonymity:


This might work.


does anyone sell those masks?


What does that have to do with Brazil?


It’s a shot from the end of the movie Brazil.


For protest ‘privacy’, wear this mask; you’ll be a hit.


I think Backlot Props sells these on ebay.


Thanks, started searching there, ended up here-
So besides that, I now have to consider that the wall tiles from Deckard’s apartment in “Bladerunner” are available, and they are also working on a replica of the Maschinenmensch from “Metropolis”.


Sounds like a bonanza site for prop collectors.

Can’t throw a rock where I am w/o hitting someone with ties to the film industry. One of them gave a former colleague here one of the actual maker hooks from Lynch’s “Dune”. Got it hanging on his wall – lucky bastard.


I have worked with some prop makers in our very specific areas of expertise, but my interest is mostly as a film history addict, and collector of interesting objects. The False Maria statue really intrigues me. They sell a 1:1 museum display, but I keep imagining one made from polished cast aluminum or stainless steel, standing in some heroic pose by my koi pond.
I do like the Interrogation baby mask. If I were to wear a mask, that would be better than the Guy Fawkes mask.


Agreed. And the GF masks are so ubiquitous now.