London, Tue night: Cory and Biella Coleman talk about "Hackers and Hoaxers: Inside Anonymous"


anyone know where i can find a high resolution version of the anonymous keyboard keys artwork that appears in this post? Thanks!

I think it’s funny they choose a symbol that pays WB every time they buy a mask (V For Vendetta the movie).

I saw/listened to/read something somewhere that says the reason for the mask was that before a protest in an early anonymous chatroom members decided they needed some anonymity at a protest, and wanted a single identity, so they compiled a list of common masks and called around to costume and party shops in various areas to ask what was available, and the Guy Fawkes mask was available pretty much everywhere.

So, it’s not so much for ideological reasons, but convenience at the time.

Edit: here’s the link to the content I reference. It’s a pretty good story, as is most everything from “99% Invisible”.

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