Costa Rican measles outbreak traced to unvaccinated French tourists

I feel more vindictive… I’m thinking, without notice, institute mandatory confinement of all family members for 2x the incubation period for non vaccinated arrivals. Then fine them 10 times the cost to the government of the confinement. Fuck anti-vaxxers, they are a pox on society.


Pun intended?

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So so SO intended.


While we haven’t formally met I certainly admire your skill at calling out fucking idiots for being fucking idiots. Well Said! The stupid fuckin mouth breather that passes a plague off on one of my pup kids will not have need for a vaccination unless post mortem has some value.

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FIFY. something something nine characters…


think it’s more like they woke up after all that hard work people had done to make sure Y2K didn’t fuck everything up, conclude it’s all bullshit,

I mean, gee, nothing happened so all that preventive work was wasted I have seen thesentiment expressed more than once.

Preventing a disaster by good planning and management seldom gets the press of “Heroically saving the drowning babies” that would not be drowning if you had repaired the damn dam in the first place.


Given the incubation period for measles which is generally cited as 10 to 14 days, it is probably too early to tell. See

Measles seems to be considered one of the, if not the most infectious airborne disease there is. Apparently the virus can remain “active”? for up to two hours after the carrier leaves.

And measles can be very dangerous and can have nasty and even deadly long-term effects. I think WHO reports about 139K measles related deaths last year.


Measles is really stupidly contagious. Something like 90% of the non-immune people coming into contact with the carrier get infected.

The worst part, if you ask me, is the resetting of immune memory measles causes. It attacks the memory cells of the immune system, meaning that your immune system is weakened for up to two years after measles, plus any immunities you had prior (whether from a disease or from vaccination) may be gone for good.


In terms of overall effect, the resetting of the immune system is the most serious. I am not sure that it wipes out immunities from other vaccintations, etc. My understanding (not great) was that a bout of measles just made one more susceptible to any infection that was going around.

In either case, anti-vaxers are saying that they don’t mind exposing children (and adults) to more diseases.

In terms of really deadly consequences we also have the apparently very rare but seemingly 100% fatal Subacute sclerosing panencephalitis which I just learned about a few weeks ago. Things get better all the time.


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