If the foreign press treated American measles the way US media covered ebola



I’m going to miss John Stewart.


They forgot to demand weeks of quarrantine for people returning from disease-free parts of the US.


Those of us in the rest of the world probably find it funnier if the US had a health care system to pick up the pieces, instead we just wonder why America like shooting herself in the foot so much.


Isn’t it (measles) much worse in Germany right now?
Germany is battling a measles outbreak that is 10 times worse than the one in the U.S. - The Washington Post
Even though their vaccination rate is much higher (97% vs US 91%) it sounds like they might not be good at following up with the required second dose, thus opening a door to problems. (also immigrants/refuges)


When it comes to health care, the US is a third world country.


I had to fill in a visa form for China recently, and when I got to section 3.5 I thought long and hard about how to respond to:

“Did you visit countries or territories affected by infectious diseases in the last 30 days?”

I decided saying “actually, I live in one” was probably not the best course of action.


I’m a disabled chap. My mother has spent 20 years full of terrible guilt because obviously it was getting me vaccinated that caused it. My dad got ill. My mum wanted to use one of those glittery new age treatments. This one had a sciencey element. I looked it up. Peer reviewed studies showed it would actually make my dad worse.

These anti-vaccination people are actively evil and have harmed my family.

There have been studies into whether vaccination caused my disability - it just didn’t. Will my mother believe that? Arrggghh. Anti-science scum are not funny. They hurt people. They hurt my mother. They hurt me.


The latest measles outbreak is reality’s judgement on America for rejecting science.


When it comes to health the US is a third world country.

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The anti-vax crowd are the moral equivalent of serial murderers of random children.

Me too, but I bet he won’t miss people who spell his name wrong.

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He never seemed the sort to climb on a cross for that sort of thing.

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True enough.

Which is not to say that climbing on a cross strikes me as an apt analogy for minding it when people spell your name wrong. Most people do mind that. And who knows whether Stewart is a BB lurker! :smirk:

I thought it a very apt analogy for my mistakenly using the Christian spelling!

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Well in that case, I suspect Jonathan Stuart Leibowitz would have even more of a problem with it. Then again, maybe not, given what he changed that name into.


An intelligent pragmatist.


I guess. When you can don the mantle of white-basically-anglo privilege, most would agree–why the hell not don it?

It’s a form of passing, universal and timeless. Don’t judge the people who feel they have to do it to get through life; judge the society that makes it seem like the best available option.

Yup, no need to tell me what to do on that one. I already judge those who pass for more-or-less-normal white far less (if at all) than I do the overarching evil of de facto white supremacy.