Costco shopper, 78, punched in fight over free Nutella waffle sample

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Yea, prison sounds like a pretty good idea.

One per, what’s your malfunction soldier?


Geeze, I hate those sample carts. Costco experience is bad enough, then you get the giant logjams of greedy hyenas with their carts completely blocking the aisles without a concern in the world - they’re only here for the buffet. And yes, the hyenas do get a bit aggressive with each other as they maneuver in for minimal walking distance.

Why I only go there after 6PM on a weekday any more. Much saner.


Its stuff like this that made me like shopping at Fresh & Easy… Never anybody there… :frowning:

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May I suggest an alternative to the nutella madness that can easily grip a weak willed mind? (Spoiler: It’s made out of cookies)

Yeah - sadly, mine got closed because of that!

A first for me recently was a sample table at a Fred Meyer in Portland serving beer. And the store was busy but there was no line. Maybe they are all so jaded with good beer there they couldn’t be bothered.


Punching old people is a dick move, but samples are unlimited at Costco. You could park yourself beside the Nutella cart and they’d make you waffles all day.

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This is what happens when you legalize pot.

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Yeah, same here, both of the ones that were convenient to me.

Can’t a guy with a name from the Second Punic War and a mustache style get a break once he dresses wounds for a year and a half? Yikes.

“Elder abuse”? That’s kinda weird. I can see it being useful for e.g. abusive nursing homes, but this seems like just good old-fashioned assault.

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No doubt the dickhead should be punished but “up to 11 years in prison”?! Seriously?

11 years is a lot, but then if you cold cock an old man in the head (which could quite easily kill an elderly person) because he told you to stop taking so many free waffles, perhaps you DO need a more extended time out from society.

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That’s not how it works in California - you have to factor in the CA Discount. CA regularly releases people who have ‘life’ sentences - about ~1000 last year, ~1500 in the 3-4 years before that I think. CA early paroles people who have shot people to death for fun.

So if they give him 11 years it’ll be 5-6 with normal parole, good behavior, etc and then they’ll kick him out in 2-3 years anyhow. Maybe even sooner if he’s in one of the waves.

Edit: I don’t intend to defend this policy, just saying this is how they do it.

I read the article. The elderly man was reaching for a sample and the little bastard grabbed the sample the older guy was reaching for, and grabbed all of the other samples & punched the other guy for objecting.

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