Nutella addict punches old man in face

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Okay, now you guys are just screwing with us, with all that dup posting.


poor shopper, punched twice in a row


It must be the new layout that is confusing them. They should complain to someone.


I actually love it when one post is titled based on the aggressor vs. the victim. You get a whole different quality of comment.


Are they disappointed, you think?


Obviously punching an old man in the face is insane, but an old man telling me to not take more than one free sample… He can just go fuck off to the paper towels aisle (with an unpunched face).

Doubling down on free Costco samples - while waiting my turn, Derrick - is my birthright.

Just like it’s my birthright to complain about ANOTHER shite redesign. Seriously, are they already working on the next redesign? Are they aware that they don’t have to “revamp” the layout 2x a year in the least intuative ways possible? Has anyone else been avoiding the site because of this? Do the traffic numbers support this madness? Maybe they’re just trying to be rid of me… Good effort, good try.

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Whoever said “There’s no such thing as a free lunch” never heard of Costco. And while technically you have to have a membership I could probably flash my library card at the entrance and not get a second look.

I was once with my father in Costco when he went back for a second sample and told the woman giving them out, “These are so good I want to try one again”. She laughed and said, “Take as many as you want. They’re free.”

If only she had been the one giving out Nutella she might have been able to defuse the situation.

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I think it was Gawker that linked to the dude’s Instagram. He says he’s studying to be a nurse. I am pretty sure rule one of nursing school is “don’t punch old people”.

He also has several photos that he poached from a model that he claims are of his girlfriend.


Ugh, Costco, amiright folks?

To be honest, the folks abandoning their carts in the middle of the aisle while desperately jostling for a sweet taste of any free food (it could be little cups of toilet bowl cleaner and they would greedily gulp down three) really annoy me. There should be a time of day for impatient dicks like me who just want to go in and buy a 48-pack of paper towels without being stuck behind a zombie horde clawing at the free sample cart like they were brains.

I’ve started going after supper on weeknights. It’s very much quieter. Still not quiet, and checkout takes just as long, but at least you can find parking and move around a lot easier.

They always put the sample carts at choke points so as soon as one person stops for samples the whole damn aisle is blocked. I can only assume this is some sort of marketing strategy. Also people seem to lose all sense of their surroundings in Costco. I refuse to go on a weekend except in direst emergency, because it’s bad enough at 2pm on a Tuesday.

They should promote Nutella in Costcos more creatively, like this:

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