Can you give me 24 hours to get my s*** back together? Seriously, can't I just rage for a day or so?



Did you ever want to play questions?
Sandy Hook Truthers are the worst


Rage, pet a kitten, rage, play fetch with a dog, rage, drink some tea, rage, talk to a friend, rage, get some sleep…

This too shall pass, and we’re happy to wait patiently or act as a sounding board, whichever suits best.


We are all here for you, @tropo. And honestly you get more than one a decade. In fact I grant you three a year (hey, I can’t be a hypocrite, right?)

In the mean time let me share a secret to redirecting rage. Double salt licorice. You’ll forget all your problems and wonder why you put that ******* in your gob.


I think I’m going to lean more towards salted caramel and sushi I shouldn’t be buying while in a landlocked, state, but thank you. :slight_smile:


Worst sushi ever: American Fork Utah. And all the locals loved it. No disrespect to Utah, just American fork.


Have you ever tried convincing a waiter in an Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, etc restaurant that when you say hot you mean it, while you are the color of a napkin and the next state east of you is Kansas?

(That sounds terrible, and I’m a F**n food snob, but damn it why did I leave California?)


No, it is an impossible task. I did once convince a similar waiter in London that I wanted hot. Oh. My. God. He believed me. My friends guffawed at my face.


Having eaten in American Fork, I can confirm this. Olive Garden is “fancy”.[quote=“tropo, post:7, topic:70737”]
(That sounds terrible, and I’m a F**n food snob, but damn it why did I leave California?)
I moved to Washington from California and I’m having this problem endlessly with Mexican food. Why the hell is there ranch dressing in my burrito!?!


I’d like to see the sushi of American Fork Utah go head-to-head with the dried-out, mail-order sushi I had at a Chinese Buffet on Friday.

I have low standards for sushi – I happen to like the quantity of cheap, low-quality sushi one can get at a Chinese buffet, and do not mind the fact that it arrives in boxes packed somewhere else, as long as I can get my wasabi-rush on.

BUT THIS STUFF WAS AWFUL. I didn’t even get seconds.

The rest of the buffet was pretty disappointing, too.


My father once told me a story about getting a burrito in Canada. It looked okay to start with, and then they dumped gravy on top of it.

It is getting better though. Salsa passed ketchup as the preferred condiment in the US some time back in the '90’s, so I still have hope.


Some time in the mid- to late-1980’s I went back to London to visit friends. In the time since I had lived there, actual foreign cuisine restaurants other than Indian had started to spring up, so my friends suggested we eat at a new Mexican restaurant in Soho. There were about 10 of us, and the server was a bit surly because that’s a lot of work for a table that wasn’t likely to tip (not being tourists). Most people ordered tacos or burritos, and I was the one person who ordered a quesadilla. When the trays of food came, she would shout out the names of the dishes and we were supposed to acknowledge if it was our order so that it could be passed down the correct side of the table. She stood there getting increasingly testy as she barked “kah-sah-tess” over and over again, until I realized what word she was mangling. So I said “do you mean quesadillas? That’s me.” She drew herself up to her full height and hissed at me: “KAH-SAH-TESS.” I had the presence of mind (for once!) to respond in the moment instead of in my head a few hours later: “You can complain about how I mispronounce English all you want, but no Brit has the right to correct the pronunciation of an American with regard to Mexican food.”

Yeah, the service didn’t get any better after that – fortunately our food was already in front of us – but my friends enjoyed the moment at least.


So I’m reading that you are taking food suggestions for a super crappy day.

Here’s mine:
A pizza with the toppings only you will eat - anchovies, yes, plus meatballs, yes, plus chopped tomatoes, yes. Or whatever your jam is. Eat with Dr. Brown’s Cream Soda for maximum effect, or beer of your choice. Maybe two.

Follow with an entire pint of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.

Cheers - it gets better.


See, this is why we are double secret bff’s. Phish food makes everything better.


Thank you. I think I’m going to run out for expensive, raw, and likely mercury laden fish, that some opportunist has actually flown in from outside the country. I’m a bad man. No seriously. I’m not so good, even though I try.


It’s true. I’m coming to your house for the conched chocolate and Phish food chaser.


You should submit this story to Off the Menu (formerly Behind Closed Ovens).


Another suggestion, which I occasionally do to feel better. Go to a bar (you don’t have to drink) and find the person you would least likely find in your social circle, and strike up a conversation. (Which is kinda how I ended up at a very weird, very cool show/party the other day…)


Haven’t played that game in about 20 years or so, but it is fun isn’t it?


The BDSM party you were telling us aboot?