Aw crap

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So. now what?

Just processing it?

I started this thread becuase it didn’t seem appropriate for questions, despite me leading off with a couple.

Thanks for starting this… this seriously sucks. Want to unload @japhroaig? What happened?


I fucking fat fingered a DNS update request right now. And from
dig/nslookup both google and opendns are stuck with a bad IP for a production server till the TTL expires.

I hate myself. I really, really do.

You have some sucker-ass bosses if that’s the case.


My company has open positions HQ in Hartford CT, but a lot of remotes that never come into the office.

(There’s also a $1500/2500 referral bonus that I could share with a successful application. $2500 is for business analysts, if anybody has insurance experience)

YAY, QA! <It’s the bizae!>

Here, have this nice superb owl.


Shit, man. That sucks.

What can be done to help?

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Christ, what a bunch of wankers. :frowning:

No useful advice, but plenty of sympathy and support here.

Isn’t DNS a cruel mistress?

I think you’ll have to tell me so… Either way, it seems like a load… I’m really sorry.

see here

Please ignore the post immediately prior, which looks quite callous in light of then-future events.

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I am paid well for literally being perfect in a very narrow, very precise way. I screwed up. So I forfeit that privilege.

I thought nobody noticed, but they did.

Despite being a relatively tech-y person, I have no idea about DNS. What you’ve outlined sounds like the kind of working without a net that would freak me the heck out.

getting fired over it seriously sucks though. The occasional fuckup is a natural consequence of getting shit done.


I see you haven’t lost your flair for d[ao]rk, referential humor.

This is why my sysadmin has a background as a Marine sniper.

At the very least, you might want to look into archery lessons, or read a short book on poisons.


The part that sucks more is I understand why I was sacked, and agree.



well that sucks man.
i came close once for SOX related mess. i did all the auditing properly which is what saved my ass. but i didn’t call the person who was supposed to check the changes at 4am cause the web site admin forgot how things are different on prod .vs preprod for the permissions and i had to restore from backups and it ended up taking way longer than stated. i was tired and not thinking clearly anymore so i spaced out on contacting the SOX auditor real time but i did capture the pre/post info and mail it to them which is the required documentation so that mitigated it a lot.

I got fired a few years ago for snapping a chunk off an ancient Mexican sculpture with the entire museum staff and staff from Mexico standing there watching. I totally deserved it. When your job is to protect something you had better stay focused.

I feel for you J’man.

The question has to be asked; do they really think they will find someone beyond human to replace you? My exit was necessary to appease the gods of international loans, but it sounds like you are being saddled with unrealistic expectations from colleagues.


No, that’s their BS baggage, not yours. Does your job entail literally saving other people’s lives, directly? Then you can be afforded a little slack, I’d argue.

This is the problem with modern neo-liberalism - we are expected to be on call constantly, and never screw up. We are expected to bend over backwards for the corporation, and make it about our whole lives. We should all bow down and lick the boots of the elite because some of us are paid handsomely to make them even richer. Sure, you’re paid well, but you’re also human. We all fuck up. One mistake should not mean your ass.

I’m really sorry. Maybe you agree, but I think it’s all BS. It’s like loyalty only goes one way now. They have no loyalty to us, because we all expendable cogs…


Isn’t that an average weekend?

I am personally crushed, this was supposed to be the Golden Ticket (and will be for others). But I promise after… Sixteen hours… I’ll never bring it up again.