Did you ever want to play questions?

Yep. First time ever?

Can someone explain what’s going on here? @japhroaig did you get your wife a gift? Some books, perhaps?

Or a severance check?

WTF? Are you still stuck in the airport?

How did this happen? How much bullshit is this? Do we need to make another thread?

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Oh shit, you want a hug from me right back?

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When you play with fire, are you allowed to eff up?

Apparently not?

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Not to humblebrag or give too much away, can you believe I literally just lost $175,000? Isn’t that more than my parents ever made, combined?

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Isn’t that relatively minor for a financial mix-up?

You get canned, and somebody else gets a $200,000 bonus for the quarter?

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Might be a tad insensitive here, but have you checked down the back of the sofa?


Weren’t they just going to blow that on drinks at the next corporate outing anyway?

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(Omg, do you actually know my now ex CEO?)

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This may be the cost associated with some error, but you didn’t lose it. Someone else assumed they had it, and were proved wrong. Maybe (just maybe) you could have taken credit if that cost wasn’t incurred.

I believe we can answer this one, now?

How do you know I’m not your ex-CEO?

Because no CEO would ever drink Rumchata?


(Tim, is that you?!)

deep breath

How important is LinkedIn actually?

Of course, not, doesn’t everyone just pour it on the hookers?