Aw crap

You couldn’t just epoxy it back on?


You gotta be careful with that sort of thing.


That only works if no one was watching.

(They did use a very dilute PVA to reattach, and a whole lot of scowling.)

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hugs and more hugs because only 4 characters

I am not a neoliberal, but nearly everyone in my field is. I am also the one that has crazy hair and wears a tweed suit.

I also gave specific feedback to my CEO on my exit precisely the failures my CTO had for managing people (Tim is my friend and mate).

But my performance crossed a lime (heh) that even I predicted. I need to do yoga,shed a few el-bees, talk to a counselor, and jump back into the shark tank.


Well, hell. That sucks.

Best of luck with jumping back into the tank!

I prooooomise, only fifteen hours of whinging left.

Being walked out by a good friend via the ‘path of shame’ was eye opening.


Good attitude. Well, you know what they say, “Theeeeengs can only get bettaaauuuh!”

…oops wrong version. One moment…

Well, I can be pissed off for you, then.


We have a big admin team so never on a regular basis and a lot of stuff is getting automated which is good cause the server count keeps going up. Man I watched us go to putting more shared stuff onto big beefy boxes to having lots of small virtual machines doing specific things. Which makes the server count just keep going up to where the old days of patch party weekend are unworkable.
Now I am out of that mess and learning clearcase support.

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Does anyone else actually miss patch parties? Y2k and bios updating manually was fun.

I will get to the pissed stage. What step is that on the grief scale?

2! it’s 2! You can be pissed now, after you’ve denied it…


Does the pissed stage involve rumchata?


Well. Fucking. Played.


You can re-order as you please.

The exercise is a good thing, not just el bees, but also for hormonal emotional stability reset. Just let it all pass through you, it will all run its course and you shall remain.


Totes. I am simply venting over a series of unfortunate events.

I also have two raised beds to build. And a fence to construct.

Sometimes, at least the open 10 remote desktops and start the update tool, wait, oh everything is green, lather rinse repeat times, where we basically got the day off and were allowed to sleep in so it didn’t suck so much. Being stuck in the over cooled data center all day for stuff that had no remote console access and the patches didn’t like remote desktop sessions, not so much.

Hahahaha… Speaking of denial, did I mention they just offered me a part time contractor position? Is that real?

(I love my ex coworkers, we are all a bunch of righteous bastards)


Man, I don’t mind the, what 58F temp, but the noise is overwhelming