Aw crap

You get fired once and you’re building a compound and forming your own militia?






Are you taking recruits?


Life is as surreal as ducham^C^C MAGRITTE!

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Just heard your bad news, though my mobile screen prevents me writing much more than this:

Sorry. That sucks. You have my moral support, for what it’s worth.


One strike, and you’re out? For a position that sounds like it will be hard to fill (but needs to be filled) immediately?

They are stupid to fire you. Put you on notice, something like that makes sense, but outright fire you?

I hope you find a new and BETTER position quickly, and before they find someone to replace you.


If we can build it as a Soleri-style arcology, I’m in.


Are we going to fund it solely through the sales of bells?

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It will literally be impossible to fill. I suspect a product line is being shut down. I am not that amazing, but I have peculiar skills :).

The part that burns is since it is a startup there are no real performance reviews or feedback. And my former CTO, bless him, is a haaard core engineer.

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Part time meaning you dont get medical but can take home the same pay working less?

They may be feeling a bit hasty. Do you want to continue employ with them?

If nothing else it gives you more run out while you look, and if you keep your corporate account you can do the job search while still on the job, which can be good cover, but not sure how you are going to present your case to your new potential employers and how supportive the old shop will be (whether you lance for them or not)

Oy. That’s how they’re funding Arcosanti? No wonder it’s taking so long.


My mom has one of the sand-cast bells; they are pretty sweet - both in the looks and tone departments.

That is the rub, right? They are all good friends of mine and trying to do they feel is right, but it doesn’t feel good.

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In the end hoepfully you can keep a friendship and move on to a new opportunity.

Sounds like you aren’t in SF, but if you are there should be a a whiskey drinkup in the works!

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Ha!! Beers at terminal 1 in SFO, on me.

…aaaand one of my doggie friends just died.

(Head in lap)

Sorry to bring everyone down.

Am I literally living in a country song?


Do you have a big hat? Is there a waving flag superimposed across your vision? Can you see a cornfield from where you are standing?


Sorry, only 12 hours more of these shenanigans.

and Richie Benaud too :frowning:


Aww crap. :frowning:

What we’re here for, mate.