Count the number of rats climbing this pole when the light is turned on

Time to call in Dragon.


On the plus side, I didn’t notice any roaches.


He neglected to pan over and show the cat cowering in the corner.


No yakkety sax?

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Trouble with rats is that nuking them just makes them mad. And radioactive.


Bring on the rat zapper and a fist full of batteries!

Srsly. I’d nope outta there quicker than an octopus with the runs if those were roaches. The rats are relatively cute.

There’s a restaurant in Studio City not far from Universal Studios called Miceli’s, old Italian joint where all the waitrons sing showtunes (seriously) and the interior of the restaurant is decorated to look like you’re outside in some palazzo or something. Fake windows with awnings, that kind of thing. One time my brother and I were lunching there when we caught sight of a fairly enormous rat scuttling across one of those fake awnings, directly above a large corner table with a convivial party of six chowing down, having a blissfully ignorant time. Until Mister Ratty lost his footing, and slid down the awning and landed with a heavy thump right in the middle of their table next to the parmesan shaker. Somebody screamed, all six of them stood up, somebody threw their napkin at Signore Ratti, who made a break for it and dove to the floor, whereupon all six jumped up onto their chairs eeking like the lady in an early Tom and Jerry cartoon, and pretty much everyone in the restaurant made for the exits, except for my brother and me. We laughed our asses off, finished our unusually tasty (for Miceli’s) lunches, and tipped heavily in appreciation for the impromptu rodent floor show.

If nothing else, it kept those goddamned waiters from singing for a half hour or so.


This, right now, is in my local daily newspaper:

I think the article is behind a paywall, but the accompanying video is on youtube:


Ah, so that’s probably why Micelli’s stopped being the Birthday Dinner place for my California family

:musical_note: When a rat falls from the sky and lands in your pizza pie that’s Signore Ratti :musical_note:

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I counted 24, But honestly.

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This is the last time we come to THIS restaurant!

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