Count the number of rats climbing this pole when the light is turned on


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I had no idea that a rat infestation could look like that. Good god. Now I understand why some people have such a strong reaction to rats.


And one stayed behind.


Rat party! :rat::rat::rat::rat::rat:


Do they come down the pole like little firemen?


If firemen go down head first.


Do not want

Edit: Also, burn everything to the ground


This video is perhaps the only valid reason to shoot video in portrait mode.


Wow. That is a shit ton of rats… and yes, it does look like a place that serves food…


They do indeed, when little Rat Janine slams her hand down on the bell and yells “WE GOT ONE!”

Then they all go to the Rat Sedgewick and bust Rat Slimer, and 30 years later an awful reboot is made.


That is so you cannot see them coming back down out of frame and climbing back up in an effort to convince us there are more rats?


only tried counting once and got approximately 17, which if you know rats means that there are at least 117 living there.


And just in case you think that you can avoid this by preparing your own food…They like to populate grocery stores too…


With the bonus being, you can also eat the rats!




That appears to be approximately ALL THE RATS


If only. That’s probably just an advance recon team for the primary swarm.

It’s situations like these that remind us of the importance of legal civilian ownership of flamethrowers.


Would seeing less of the vertical frame really help with that?



Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.