Record numbers of rats spotted in New York City

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Leave plenty of food & water so they will go away. You’re welcome.

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Lets just hope Pizza Rat made it through the pandemic lean times and is back to full strength…


Is there some gathering of the GOP in NYC?


Try to get the male rats to make a commitment; they’ll be gone before sunset.



Big orange fattish one lives in there. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.


happy they’re doing well

Are city residents encouraged to call the service line every time they see a rat, even if it’s just running around outdoors rather than in a restaurant kitchen or something? Because it seems like there must be a better way to get an idea of their numbers based on calls to pest control companies or whatever. I’ve seen plenty of rats running around at dusk in my city and it wouldn’t even occur to me to call the city to report them.

Then again I’m sure that the vast majority of New Yorkers aren’t calling them in either. 7,500 is less than 0.1% of the city’s population, and I’ll bet that way more than 1 in 1000 New Yorkers spotted at least one rat over the last year.

everyone making with the rat jokes. but for those of us who live here, not so funny. i remember just a few years ago you’d see some rats coming out after dark, swarming over garbage bags. the later at night, the more you were apt to see em. now these guys are out there mid-day, bold as brass. and no, @Otherbrother we definitely do not call 311 whenever we see one.


Trump Rat
Yes, confirmed!

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I noticed a similar phenomenon here in Boston during the pandemic: more rats. I suspect they descended on neighborhoods when restaurants started closing at their normal haunts dried up.

I catch multiple a week with traps in my yard to keep them away, but it’s only perimeter defense. Without a massive coordinated cull, they reproduce fast enough that any void left due to localized extermination is quickly filled back in by surrounding populations. People are pretty terrible at managing trash, and the poison bait boxes the city uses just create rats that are resistant to poison.

jennifer lawrence said she feed her rat not because but because it stole it away

Seems like someone’s missing a business opportunity:
“Getcher fried rats!”
“We got barbeque! We got buffalo! We got chicken-fried!”
“Rats onna stick!”

Someone’s even broken down some of the nutritional info:
Besides, have you people seen the price of meat, lately?

Ya’ll might see vermin, I see vast herds of livestock, free for the taking!
And the beauty of it is, you get paid twice!
Once to remove 'em, and again when you serve 'em.
Onna stick.

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