Counterintuitive truths


Even pilots have a hard time grokking how variable pitch propellers work.

Then there are long hangar conversations about to set pitch and RPM… and most old timers have it wrong.

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Pretty much everything having to do with transfinite cardinals.

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As was mentioned early in that thread: radio waves, especially as applied to wireless data transmission. I’ve read the theory, I observe it applied about a bajillion times a day, and yet some part of me is still blabbergasted that megabytes of data can be transferred to my phone, in order, without error, in seconds, from a gadget on a shelf in another room.


Death is something that once I began to obsess over it in the 7th grade I have never stopped. Fricking On A Pale Horse did not help. It was too late anyways. I had begun my poseur-suburbia-wanna-punk-goth-shennanigans. I talked about death, dying, corpses, the ever-after and the lot until the end of the 11th grade.

Thank you kindly, Mudhoney.

But death is still something I contemplate multiple times a day. It has never stopped clicking-clicking-clicking the top of my spine.


I feel this way about gravity. Thankfully, gravity is actually a confusing thing once you get into the nitty gritty.


Don’t most things become intuitive once you learn about them? The quantum physics I learned at uni seems like common sense to me.
For example; of course a sub-atomic particle is going to exist as a supposition of states, that’s just what they do right?
You want to know why? Well, that’s the best bit about science, nobody has worked that out yet, exciting no?

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How the exhaust from the combustion chamber in a jet engine goes in one direction only–out the back. Why wouldn’t it push equally on the front turbine and the back turbine?

That Reddit is a popular site even though it has (what I think) is a horrible interface reminiscent of a 90’s era BBS.

As far as real truths…that physical laws can’t be broken simply because we haven’t yet found a way to break them. People died of radiation poisoning before we knew what it was, that doesn’t mean it was any less dangerous or real.

Dude. Women. How the F do they work??? I have been studying them, with an amazingly high failure rate, since I was about 3 years old, and I am still coming up with ??? __________________________ ??? Total mystery.

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Platypuses. Platypi. Platypodes. Them things…

A whole big parcel of WTF. That’s what they should be called.

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