Countries where Trump does business are not hit by new travel restrictions


Nudge nudge.
Wink wink.
Say no more.


Maybe he’s trying to strongarm then into opening Trump Towers Tehran and Trump Baghdad Golf Course?


Ooh this just in:

Pope (The Pope) effectively condemns the Muslim ban as anti-Christian. Says it’s nasty.

Not my usual read, but hey, troubles n all.

Edit: I see this is dated Oct 2016. Wow. Prescient.


i knew prior to 8/11/16 that trump would be a dreadful person to be president, hell a majority of voting americans knew he would be a dreadful president even then, but i never expected to find myself being scared by the end of the first week. i thought it would require several months for him to demonstrate his incompetence to hold the power and prestige of the presidency of the united states of america. the fact that he has done so in such a short amount of time is the thing which frightens me the most. normally you might throw out a cliche like “there’s nowhere for him to go but up now” but we know that’s not true. he can make things worse and all the while he will surround himself with people who will tell him what a great job he’s doing and fire anyone who won’t goosestep to his tune. we are so screwed.


And I don’t think the 55 gallon drum of lube will help either.


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