Country Time will pay your kids' lemonade stand fines this summer


So, if life gives you lemons buy some artificial powder and add water?

(I don’t live in the USA, so I had to look up “country time” to know what the stuff was. I never realised one could buy lemonade powder.)


Prepare to have your mind blown: There exists actual Coca Cola powder to make coke that is slightly more disgusting than the real thing.


Country Time lemonade stand:


They charge more for that.


Apropos of nothing, here are some interesting uses for sawdust.


I wonder this would work?


I recently helped my nieces study for the history test including the Boston Tea Party. I would enjoy a Country Time Lemonade party. Dump your Country Time Lemonade in your closest body of water and never buy it again.


If life give you lemons, buy sugar!


Many years ago in the small NorCal city/town where I lived, the local health lab had to fail the really good Mexican restaurant and shut them down for some kind of contamination. It was located immediately next door to the lab, in the same commercial plaza. The lab workers ate there on the regular. That had to be awkward for a while.


Why cut it with kola?



I love it! It appears that most people are looking for ideas to somehow use up their waste sawdust, but if you don’t have sawdust and need some, you can buy it on Amazon :smiley:
Proof that the goods of this world are not evenly distributed.


I feel like i need to know more


I live in the US and i didn’t know what Country Time was until now. Granted i grew up at a house that had a lemon tree that was always full of lemons, and such i find most lemonades you can buy commercially quite disappointing so its not something i typically look to buy. Also i never imagined i’d out myself as a lemonade snob but there you go.


Terms and Conditions, folks. The below* is just for starters. TLDR: this is a publicity and marketing ploy where CT will get the right to use your information, likeness, etc., for as long as they want for whatever type of advertising they want. You, OTOH, may end up with a couple hundred bucks in exchange that may help pay whatever fine you got. They could potentially make a lot of click money if the elements align right. Frankly, you’d be better off setting up a Kickstarter or the like and trying to get enough support to not only pay your fine, but build the most kick ass lemonade stand ever.

*4. PUBLICITY: Acceptance of Offer shall constitute and signify each Participant’s agreement and consent that Sponsor and its designees may use the Participant’s name, city, state, likeness, photo, and/or information in connection with the Promotion for promotional, advertising or other purposes, worldwide, in any and all media now known or hereafter devised, including the Internet, social media platforms, without limitation and without further payment, notification, permission or other consideration, except where prohibited by law.


Too bad to see stuff like this. We had 4 officers all pay triple what our kids were charging when they set up a stand.


Lemonade does that to ya…


I feel like we have different definitions of “blow the money on…”


So life gave you lots of lemons and you made lemonade? You are a hero! :wink:


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