Unlicensed lemonade stands will soon be legal in New Hampshire and Illinois

Originally published at: Unlicensed lemonade stands will soon be legal in New Hampshire and Illinois | Boing Boing

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When I was a kid, the Lemonade Stand game that came with early Apple computers was my favorite.


I like that it’s written up in Reason magazine, since most of its “free”-market fundie readers would end up bankrupting a child’s lemonade stand if given the chance to run one.


Well, take comfort in the fact that they used a stock photo of some white kids and their lemonade stand rather than a photo of Hayli Martinez, who is not. The other stories I have seen on this all have photos of Hayli and her mother. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence. /s


As the NH bill sponsor is from my town, I feel pretty confident that yes, yes he would.He’s additionally a Free Stater and a “self-made” man… running his daddy’s debt collection business.


They make the law sound so wholesome, but as I’m sure you’re very familiar with, in NH lemonade stands (and the kids running them) are used as a tool by Free State agitators to provoke the cops into shutting them down while someone films it and shouts “Kids can’t set up a lemonade stand anymore? Government oppression!” It’s like those jagoffs who wear a baseball cap to their parking ticket hearing just so they can “exercise their rights” when the judge asks them to remove their hat in a courtroom. And when they get dragged away for contempt of court, they’ve got a friend there with a camera to chronicle the manufactured spectacle.


The law says “under 14.” Countdown to some Free Stater making his 15-year-old set up a lemonade stand in a highly visible location in 3, 2, 1 . . .

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There are some clues as to the dynamic of Hayli’s story here.

  1. Her name “Martenez”
  2. Her location, Kankakee, IL

The latter town name locals like to abbreviate as 3 K’s. I guess they think it is amusing.


A charity was set up by two friends from my hometown, after their daughter was diagnosed with cancer and started selling lemonade (completely of her own volition) to pay for treatments.

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Except when it rained after a hot streak and you were ruined!

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That’s a lotta lemons.


Once I had a bank built up, I never risked it all on one day. Basically, I learned to treat it like Blackjack. :smiley:


live free or die, amirite?

So when the kid turns 14, a permit will still be required? Make the bureaucracy easy on them, and they’ll probably be happy to learn how to apply for one. :slight_smile:

Ah yes, the same species of white libertarian who yell “Am I being detained?!” over and over with exasperated cops trying to tell them they have a broken taillight which then gets posted to YouTube ad nauseum. The privilege blindness level is maximum. If they were Black, they’d be shot dead halfway through their first bumbling quoting of the 4th amendment or whatever.


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