Country Time will pay your kids' lemonade stand fines this summer


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This is as wonderful as the need for it is sad.

Any apparatchik who’d shut down a kid’s lemonade stand should be demoted to cleaning storm drains.



And they know we’ll be there to GIF it to help it spread.


has there been even a single lemonade-stand-induced illness to necessitate this bs? or is this a blunt-edged reaction too many adult “entreprenuers” trying to start unlicensed bars and then whining about how kids get a free pass…


At my lemonade stand I used to give the first glass away free and charge five dollars for the second glass. The refill contained the antidote.

~ Emo Philips




How long before a jurisdiction gets wind of a new opportunity for $60k in revenue at no cost to the residents? This is going to be fun.


Yeah. I don’t know whether I am happier to see Country Time doing this or sadder because it seems to be necessary.


Probably not so much unlicensed bars as it is the 24-7 scare cycle that gave us razor blades in apples, nitrites in hot dogs, mercury in fish, etc. etc. A search on “phony health scares” gives almost half a million hits.


Fine, but your kids have to sell instant lemonade?


What makes this such a successful promotion is because they know that kids are never actually fined for having lemonade stands. From what I can tell, doing some searches, police fined two families (and then in both cases canceled the fine), in recent years. Once in Maryland and once in… London, England. Given that the English incident was international news, this clearly doesn’t happen very often. Even then it seems that in both cases it was because they set up stands outside events (a golfing event and some sort of festival, respectively) and ignored warnings (also, parents may have been involved). Mostly cops in the US, often being overzealous, just issue demands that kids desist, which this won’t really help because that’s where it ends. (Though it seems like many areas in Texas insist that health codes around food sales still apply regardless of the age of the seller, so we’ll see if anyone pushes the issue.)


Just don’t buy from the kids with a baked potato stand.


Never in the history of San Diego County has there ever been a incident of contamination / food poisoning from a Lemonade Stand, ever.

I work for a lab that checks all there field samples, so there’s that, and yes it’s about as interesting as saw dust.


Wait. WTF? Where in hell do cities fine kids for selling Lemonade?


Looking at the terms and conditions, Country Time will reimburse you if your kid (14 years old or younger) receives a fine for running a lemonade stand without a permit or they will reimburse you for the cost of a permit to run a lemonade stand (in each case, the exact cost up to $300.) So you’re okay if you ask for either forgiveness or permission.

I do find it a little sad / disturbing that they felt the need to call out that your submission (which needs to include a picture of the fine or permit along with statement of what your kid’s lemonade stand means to them in their own words) cannot be sexually explicit or suggestive.


I grew up in a college town at the base of the bridge that every student had to walk over to get to the football stadium. On homecoming day, my younger siblings and cousins would set up a lemonade stand and sell it for 50 cents a glass and include a tip jar. They would make over $300 in one day from that lemonade stand.

They’d blow the money on Legos.

Also, they were never harassed by any city official.


have you read the ingredients


Come to think of it, I wonder how well it’s worked out for anyone who took Donald Trump at his word when he promised he’d pay their legal fees for roughing up people he didn’t like?


Molon labe lemonade