Texas cops shut down two little girls' lemonade stand


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First Georgia, now Texas. Won’t someone think of the lemons!

(also: CWAA)



Did they also confiscate their cash to be later placed (the cash) on trial?



If it was a sleezy looking guy selling hot dogs out of a gym bag, would that be OK?

I mean, this is stupid, but they are treating them equally under the law.


But, but, people on the internet told me that Texas is pro-business, unlike fascist nanny states like California!


Thankfully our long national nightmare is over.

The kids did learn a really good lesson though.


Could have been worse. They could have had 8 cops show up with their guns drawn and been tackled to the ground. I mean this is Texas.


Wrong color.


I’m surprised civil asset forfeiture wasn’t used to take the cash


If only the kids had been selling donuts too.


This happens quite often, actually.

Here’s a Mental Floss post from a few years ago with a few more instances:


Thing Texas cops don’t like:

  1. Black teenagers at swimming pools,
  2. Children selling lemonade,
  3. …?

You know, you’ve really screwed things up when we can’t even make Mayberry jokes about your podunk police department. You’re so rigid and inflexible that you’re cracking down on Americana. AMERICANA! Next, they’re going to bring code compliance officers in to investigate Mom’s apple pie.

I’m taking a deep breath, now.

EDIT: Seriously, someone with better PhotoShop skills than me needs to dig through Norman Rockwell paintings and put together a scene where an overweight cop is arresting a pair of crying little girls in front of a lemonade stand. SRSLY.


That cops are assholes? Indeed, that is a valuable lesson. Plus it’s a lesson which most little white girls don’t get to learn first hand. May it serve them well.


Yep. That’s where I was going.



The trouble is, the cop did just that.

Then he waddled away (waddle waddle)…


Got any grapes?!?!


You’ve got a point


To be fair, without regulation there’s no way to know if the lemons were sourced from dodgy science labs.


Where are the protests and cries of “HANDS OFF MY LEMONS!”?