Couple gets so intoxicated on Florida beach, they pass out and lose their children (video)

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Yeah, they’re irresponsible parents, but ACAB.
What good is it doing to cuff and arrest the adults in this situation?
Find the kids and make sure they’re okay.


“Just what is it about “free range” that you don’t understand, deputy?”

/s, in case you were wondering. Glad the kids are okay. Well, for now.


This is not uncommon Georgia beach behavior, so I’m unsurprised that they exported it over the border. I’m actually more surprised that there were still unopened alcohol containers, and that Daytona cites for alcohol on the beach (we don’t).


Sounds like that is exactly what they were doing when he tried to run away, thus prompting the cuffs?

While deputies attempted to gather more information from Stephens, they said he unexpectedly ran away.

Hard to start a search if you don’t have any information on who you’re searching for.


I’m not gonna endorse it, but we shouldn’t celebrate garden-variety irresponsibility being criminalized. Especially not when cops have discretion.

I bet the kids made friends and were having a great time on vacation, until the arrest. Now their lives are worse.


I’d put up the folks from Alabama when they hit Panama City during spring break. Generally they start drinking when they cross the state line then hit the water and drown.


Did you watch the video or read the post? He was already in cuffs when he tried to run.

The cops, as usual, were confrontational and unhelpful. Instead of poking around looking for alcohol they should’ve been asking what the kids looked like, what they were wearing, did they have friends here, etc. In the video they only asked what gender they were, which, better than nothing, but pretty meh.


Or fall off a balcony.

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Nice tat officer…:

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weren’t the empty alcohol containers lying around them on the beach?

Another episode of COPS.

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Oh, true. I misremembered - they were bugging them about IDs.

Like the most important thing is to know that they have some ID, when kids are missing.

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Yeah, right?
There are no heroes in this story. None. Even the people who called the cops. WTF? You see 7-8 year olds unsupervised, wandering around, and you’re supposedly worried about them but instead of making sure they’re okay you let them wander off and call the cops to come harass their passed-out adults?
My aunt saw a similar thing a couple years ago. This little kid, maybe 5 yo, was wandering down the beach right at the waterline all alone. She noticed bc all the other adults nearby started tsking and clucking, but not doing anything. She went and chatted with the little guy and kept him feeling safe and eventually walked with him back to his parents. (They weren’t passed out, had just somehow lost track.)
I think it’s safe to say that in this and any similar situation we all want the kids to be safe. It’s also pretty safe to say that cops rarely, if ever, make the situation better.


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