Couples counsellor who assigns Ikea furniture assembly calls Liatorp "The Divorcemaker"


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I don’t see how this would be any different than any other IKEA thing I’ve put together…
I put it together, while my wife supervises from the couch, and then she tells me where to put it when done…

Alright so it’s really big - that’s why I have friends.


As recently as 2014 I have vowed never to buy anything from Ikea again, nor to buy any new, imported furniture at all.

As recently as yesterday I have assembled new Ikea furniture.

It really bothers me a lot.


Yeah, I’m the mechanically-inclined one. Unless I needed an extra hand somewhere it would be faster and easier to do it myself than work with her–and that’s not even counting if I brought out the power tools. She jumps a bit every time I fire a pneumatic nail gun or staple gun.

Heheheh… Or as a fellow IT tech used to say to end users…
“It’ll take me an hour to fix… two hours if you help”

Bang Zoom!


I don’t get why (or how) people find Ikea furniture difficult to assemble.

/maybe 'cuz I’m not a Mac person? (ducks)
//Really, white furniture in the kitchen? Are you, like, a slave to cleaning all the time?


If a couple can’t assemble a piece of furniture without getting snappy at each other, I hope to god they never have children.


It´s no secret some PC people have a problematic relationship with hygiene.

Well, in her defense, you really shouldn’t aim it at her feet and yell “dance!”


I can’t imagine what the fights are about. It’s a pile of parts with a set of instructions. Would these couples fight if asked to assemble a Lego set together?

Now that I look at the Liatorp, maybe this specific thing is the DivorceMaker because SOMEBODY SPENT $900 ON A PIECE OF PARTICLEBOARD FURNITURE!


Being able to collaborate with a partner is enhanced by knowing when not to.


In defense of Ikea, I cannot think of a better way to provide furniture on a planet with over 7 billion people. We can’t all have hand-crafted reclaimed hardwood “pieces”. Their packaging and shipping efficiencies do more to reduce people’s carbon footprints than would otherwise happen if everything was bought from traditional furniture outlets.

At the end of the day, though it’s still a transnational corporate entity, though.

I suppose that’s the beauty of capitalism: we have the freedom to choose whichever bloated corporate oligarchy we inevitably end up supporting financially.

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