Courtroom gaffe reveals Google pays Apple 36%of revenues in search deal

Originally published at: Courtroom gaffe reveals Google pays Apple 36%of revenues in search deal | Boing Boing


Sounds like Kevin Murphy is in for an awkward day at the office.


What happens when an unstoppable monopoly collides with an immovable monopoly? The answer is 36%.


I’ve heard figures in the $18 billion range; does the math work out?


Vaguely wonder how Apple is checking that its slice of the take is being computed accurately. Perhaps it’s as simple as Safari reporting home every google search? But then Apple would have to know how much google is making via searches overall… would they trust some annual report?


I have a vague memory of a similar number being floated around before, and that BB even posted about it some years ago :thinking: so not new info but paying this kind of money just to keep traffic going to their search is crazy

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A nice little earner for Apple. Money for nothing.


This wouldn’t burn my ass so much if there was ANY value to the search function that is now everywhere. But lately, it feels like someone just came up with the idea for an internet search engine last week, and has built a demo that they are still working on, which uses a tiny sample set of data that was cobbled together by an intern. So, an information “market” built on vapor with zero value that $billions are captive to. Hmmm… sounds familiar.


It’s a hassle and too easy to mistakenly default to a google product, but I do have safari using duck duck.


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It’s not nothing. It’s hard being a monopoly. Apple deserves some compensation for that.


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There was a missing /s in my comment.

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