Cousin Oliver Syndrome

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My daughter and I used to like watching The Ghost Whisperer. Despite its flaws, it was a fun show and they had an interesting long range plot going on. But then, then, they introduced the baby, which magically aged to 5 years old. We cannot stand to watch one show with this child. Kiddo heard that the child got killed off at some point, so we fast forwarded on Netflix watching all the descriptions to see if there were any sansa a child. But alas, the horrible cretin was in it to the end of our last season available. If he could act it might have made it okay, but he was wretched.

Then there was the time Ned grew from 13 to 16 overnight and got really hot…


It’s not just for TV shows.


Put a sock in it, Roy.


Fuck Olly!


So, Vulture is mining TV Tropes for post ideas these days?

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It should be known that Robbie Rist himself, the actor who occupied those shoes at age 9, has done amazing things since:

Voiced Michaelangelo in the live-action Ninja Turtles movies of the 80s and continues to do VO for cartoons, video games, including Doc McStuffins of late.

Writes, performs and produces music at a rarefied level: Can kill it on vocals, guitar, drums and keyboards. Among many bands he’s been in: The Andersons ( ) whose three frontmen included the current bassist of The Bangles.

Also has a band Quint with the director of Sharknado- which Robbie also acted in. The only person who gets killed in Sharknado who is not killed by a shark.


Some of them just jumped the shark right from the start.

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Babies, cute kids, or my favorite, the sitcom that goes on the road for a season. When that happens, it’s time to tune out.

A better ‘Growing Pains’ example would’ve been the addition of professional cutie Ashley Johnson in later seasons.

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And hey, who remembers Seven from Married With Children?

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For that matter, 13? years ago, Jump the Shark referred to this as “new kid in town.”

That’s actually… interesting.


And some shows start with a Cousin Oliver…

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Poor, misunderstood Wesley. He really never did get a chance.

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