Watch: John Oliver warns Meghan Markle about 'emotionally stunted' royal family in 2018

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this whole post presupposes that I give a single fuck enough about celebrity gossip to understand Markle’s current feelings.


You may notice that all posts on boingboing presuppose at least one or two fucks given. If you are keeping your fucks in reserve for some other post, try just scrolling till you see one that inspires.


You can skip to about 4:30 when they start to talk about the wedding.


All I could think was “jeez, wasn’t it nice when we could shake hands and hug? And have audiences that weren’t stupidly risking death to own the libs?”



I think in the US we tend to look at the royals like Hollywood celebrities, but Tom Cruise, as wacky as he is, has a real job, while “pseudo-job” is a very accurate description of the duties of the House of Windsor (or any other House), even if Prince Charles and others dabble in their pet causes.


summary for you - they tried to kill her


I care very little about this subject.

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Specifically Oliver says: "“They’re an emotionally stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a very silly pseudo job. That’s what she’s marrying into. I hope she likes it. It’s going to be weird for her. I would not marry into the royal family. I’m a commoner. I would not be welcome, especially after what I just said.”

Prophetic and funny.


And yet you posted.

I came here to say Meghan Markle who?

Jest kiddin. But anyway, I really enjoyed that clip. Every once in a while I think maybe I’ll watch me some Colbert. But then I remember I hate late night shows. But this made me think again.


I love the Irish.


Except this subject isn’t just celebrity gossip.

This subject is an influential institution and family denying a family member suffering from suicidal ideation access mental health care because they feared embarrassment, and the regressive stigmatization of mental health care that perpetuates upon becoming public knowledge because, again, irrespective of whether or not they should, the House of Windsor has significant cultural cachet.

I don’t give one good fucking whit about celebrity gossip, but I do care about people with power, however symbolic, setting back the destigmatization of mental health care. The last time I took notice of the House of Windsor was when the press set about making sometimes not-so-subtle racist comments about Markle and her child. And again, for much the same reasons.

I also enjoy John Oliver and Stephen Colbert’s banter.

Now, if you care about none of those things, that’s certainly your prerogative. The browser tab has a handy little “x” in the right corner.



Bolding is mine.

I also have little to no interest in the British royalty apart from their eventual abolition, but I do have an interest in how a Black woman who happens to be American encounters their particular brand of classism and racism and yet endures. I admire Meghan for how she has responded to this shitshow and kept herself above the mudslinging. That she found a partner from that family who is willing to go to the mat with her, even though it called for surrendering much of his own identity, is wonderful and makes me root for their independent future that much more.


There’s a man who knows the deep, deep issues of WASP isolation in general as well as the intensity of aristocratic British WASPness in particular.

It’s like some people have never heard of the Mute Thread option…

Some just like to complain


Your response to this is pretty much the same as mine. Also it’s clear that Royal HR is as useless as corporate HR.
My take on it is that it’s OK to not give two shits about the Royal family in the general sense, but she is a person. She deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.
This whole episode also throws the institutional racism in the spot light. Not the least of which from the British tabloids.


I actually watched that clip a few years ago when it was fresh. I’d forgotten how funny it was. Thanks!


Wow… someone said this in the second link there:

n order to deny the role racism has played in the hounding of Meghan, Andrew Pierce of the Daily Mail went as far as to strip her of her racial identity. “Do you look at her … and see a black woman? Because I don’t. I see a very attractive woman,”

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