Side-by-side headlines show British tabloids praising Kate and shaming Meghan about the same thing

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Bloody hell!


It’d be nice if there were a publication that could run one final story about how it turns out all the Royals pretty much suck and are functionally indistinguishable from the Kardashians at this point, and once the Queen dies the last link to the UK’s proud past will be gone and the monarchy will serve no purpose but to remind Britain of how far it has fallen from the days of the Empire, and that the British tabloids are racist scum, but they are just selling what the public is buying, and then they could bury that story in a sarcophagus with Piers Morgan and we could all never hear from any of them again.


I don’t think I’d be exaggerating if I said every pregnant woman* in human history has cradled her belly. It’s instinctual. Honestly beyond ridiculous that even was a headline.

(*who knew they were expecting, anyway)


Ah, the racism of the moneyed class and their trained monkeys.

Note that I use the perjorative term as a play on “room full of monkeys with typewriters”, and imagine said monkeys to be the sort of dirty blonde middle class idiots who either kiss ass for a paycheck, or the beaten down soulless husks such a job makes of you.


As a kid growing up in the UK in the 70s, I used to deliver daily newspapers and would always compare the headlines on any given day, and marvel at how differently any given story would be presented. The most obvious differences were between the left wing press (The Guardian, the Mirror) and the right wing (The Times, Telegraph, Sun, Daily Mail). But there were also very big differences between the “serious” newsheets and the tabloids - the latter were always blatantly racist, sexist and homophobic. I ended up choosing the Guardian as my daily paper, as it came closest to a serious, thoughtful and balanced look at each story.

So The Sun and the Daily Mail always were utter garbage, but what seems to have changed is that the “serious” newspapers have joined them in the gutter (although I’m constantly impressed that the Guardian has largely retained it’s integrity). The broadsheets used to hide their racism better than they do now, but even so, nearly every article they carry is coded to stoke latent prejudice. It’s a toxic stew. No wonder people voted for Brexit and Boris. They are immersed in a propaganda machine that is far more effective than anything the Soviets ever dreamed up.


Once I got to college and started studying journalism as part of my Media Studies (oh-so-90s), I quickly became disgusted with all British newspapers given that there’s not a single one without an editorial bias.

Worse, they all acknowledge this.

The view of the newspaper will always be what the owner wants it to be, and journalistic objectivity has very little presence in the UK press.

One of the first things you’re taught when studying journalism is objectivity.
Then as soon as you get a job in the industry, you’re forced to abandon it.


hmmm, could it be, oh, I don’t know, RACISM, perhaps?


When I have a beer or burger baby I do the same thing. It’s awkward having a center of gravity malfunction, I instinctually compensate with my hands.


I’d also assume it’s a reflex to put your hand on your stomach when you feel something kicking you in the stomach.


Bollocks. One of the first things you’re taught in the social sciences is that there’s no such thing as objectivity. What journalism schools mean by objectivity is the establishment view. Treating that as objectivity is how imperialist societies perpetuate themselves.


I think there’s an element of racism, and an element of nationalism. Hasn’t it always been treated as scandal when a British royal marries an American?

Also, Kate hasn’t always gotten a free pass from the British media.


Any chance the Daily Mail will go the same way as News of the World one day? Or are they just too big for that?


As your wiki link says, the NOTW was bigger.

The main problems with the Mail are that it twists and misrepresents, to the point of downright untruth, but I’m not aware of their ‘journalists’ acting illegally in the desperate pursuit of a scoop. Happy to be wrong, though!




It seems to end up being transphobic “in the interest of balance” too often for my liking.


I certainly live in hope. It’s no coincidence the vile, reprehensible maggot that is Piers Morgan writes for the Daily Heil.
Dust off and nuke from orbit - it’s the only way to be certain.


I saw this line up of headlines/articles, which makes the pattern of racist behavior totally undeniable, and then I saw tabloids denying what they had done. I tell you, it did my head in.

Boris Johnsons, in other words. (He may not have written for a tabloid, but it was tabloid writing.)


Yep. His former editors have dismissed him as being an idiot already, and it seems the cube farms are full of wannabe BoJos.


It is sad; I presume that Henry and Meghan are being “pushed out” earlier than they otherwise would be due to the rampant racism of the British Tabloids…

But my guess is that they will probably build some charities in Canada and lead them, then eventually slip into a Regency PR role in Canada; either officially or unofficially.

And honestly, it’s a really, really smart move on the Royal Family’s part; if they wish to continue to maintain a presence in Canada.

Canada is growing more and more important, and it is posed for future growth. The UK has a difficult path to more growth, and they are tying their shoes together. Right now, the UK has the world’s 7th largest economy; with Canada at 10. They are nearing to economic and social impact parity with the UK. Having the brother of the King be a charitable leader and PR presence (but without official government standing) would be good PR as long as they don’t do anything really bad; and having a Canadian spouse who is diverse culturally is certainly good for that. (I don’t think that is why they married; but it may be why they were allowed to marry.)

There is a reason why the English nobility is associated with roses… even challenges seem to come up rosy for them…

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