Cover for Black Magic comic book, 1954


You can really see the template for other characters here, most especially Reed Richards and Sue Storm, and even a little bit of the Thing in the hands of the guy in the lower left.

As a kid I was a huge fan of 50s horror flicks, but even so, covers like this used to freak me out. Without the cinematic management of my imagination, it was left to its own devices, and I’d dream about all the possibilities the picture presented.

This is a landmark book, as it was included in the Senate hearings regarding comics and juvenile delinquency.

WNYC has the audio of the hearing, or you can read it here:

I’d love to actually see the rest of this comic. It sounds interesting.

Cyclops babies are pretty common - in jars. Typically they live less than a day. i don’t know of any that lived a month.

Indeed. Just what was the story of the Beautiful Freak?

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