Cover to 1974 issue of Dr. Strange #1 sells for $408,000

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What? They could have sold it as a NFT for MILLIONS!


“ in the nearly six decades since.”

Someone don’t count no good.

Awesome cover.


Dr. Strange may have opened a portal or something.


It’s really interesting to see what was essentially a niche cult-following type character go big because of a big budget movie and appearances in other MCU films/shows. I’ve always really liked characters like Dr. Strange and Dr. Doom, and now that the former has done so well I can only hope that the latter can get a similar treatment now that the rights have been sorted out.


I gather Brunner didn’t get a share of the loot.



I was born smack in the middle of the 70’s, and I’ve only lived through four entire decades, thus far.


I’d love to see a Strange vs Doom movie; either a slugfest, or an odd-couple character piece.


It is an awesome cover. It was almost certainly a factor in me buying brand spanking new off the newstand. I have been a long time (but not sixty years) fan of the good doctor and have just about every one of his issues, including Strange Tales 110 (first appearance) and Strange Tales 115 (origin). I’m also a proud owner of some original artwork by Gene Colan. These (while very cool) do not have the importance of this piece nor are they covers which almost always are worth more.

I wonder if the six decades comment is about his first appearance in 1963. It probably would have been better for the writer to say the cover was from 1974 in one sentence and then used a separate sentence to establish the 1963 / six decades idea.

Anyway - awesome cover indeed


At one point I had one of those b&w compendiums of early Doctor Strange comics. And it’s an awesome issue too. I had gotten really into reading the early runs of certain comics, and the early Doctor Strange stuff holds up really well.


70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s, 20s.

One of those decades is six years long, and another is only one year long.

If you’re creative and/or lying, you can make it work.


There was a Strange/Doom team up one shot graphic novel in the late 80’s.


Thanks, I’d totally forgotten about that. I might still have a copy around here somewhere.

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Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain.

I know, I’ve been killing you for the last 15 years.

Odd-couple character piece, with lots of philosophical discussions.
And something like the Pigeon sisters.

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More like how Windows 8.1 somehow turned out to be Windows 9 after all.

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