Covers Thread: Pop Songs Redux

there are a lot of cover versions of the songs on Loveless by My Bloody Valentine. There are two multi-artist compilations that I know of, one of Japanese bands (Yellow Loveless) and one Korean (Blue Loveless.) But my favorite thing is an album-length version all by one band similar to Dub Side Of The Moon. except it’s not a dub version. It’s not really an anything version. no distortion, all the sounds are cellos and xylophones, and the only guitar is pedal steel.

further confusing the issue is the band is called Japancakes when they’re from Athens, GA. Not seeing the full length on youtube but here’s the opening track

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I don’t want to pile on Dylan, who I think has often been a very great performer, but I’ve always much preferred this version. Dylan’s version works for me when I’m in the right mood, but at other times I feel that it drags musically and the lyrics are mere poetasting. This version’s music benefits greatly from both a full arrangement and a beat, while the lyrics are served by the sound effects which create their own pop poetry. Bringing it all back home are Ferry’s just slightly overwrought vocals which progress from seemingly tongue-in-cheek over-enunciation to moments of complete incomprehensibility, which, as Kurt Cobain has taught us, is perhaps the best way to ensure that your verse will live on.

Even Trent Reznor was blown away by this. It’s extremely powerful especially knowing now that Cash was months away from death at this point.


Yeah, I think both his and our awareness of his upcoming demise gives a lot of weight to his version.

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Nouvelle Vague is great. So many good covers to choose from. Their cover of The Specials Friday Night, Saturday Morning one is one of my favorites, though. There’s something especially endearing about this (satirical) ode to macho club bros being sung by a female vocalist.

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I saw them in Austin a few years ago. Lots of fun.

Here’s a few covers I like at least because they’re different from the originals…

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In case you couldn’t figure it out, I’m yuge fan of cover songs and this thread is my new jam.

Here’s another favorite of mine. Fantastic Plastic Machine’s cover of Joe Jackson’s Steppin’ Out.


Laibach has many great covers to choose from. I’m partial to this reimagining of Queen’s One Vision. It turns it into something incredibly sinister.


I love that song, in any version. :slight_smile:

Don’t forget the “why you think it’s better” bit, though. I think that’s the most interesting part of this thread.

Recycling one from the pop songs thread:

Two Nice Girls, Sweet Jane (with Affection)

A mashup of Lou Reed’s Sweet Jane with Joan Armatrading’s Love and Affection.

Why? Because it’s just gorgeous, and I’m a sucker for harmonies. And Lou is another musician whose songwriting often exceeds his performance.


I sometimes get in a mood to listen to funk really loud, but other times, I like to listen to covers which were begging to be made:

The subject matter was made for a goth band to eventually cover. Eldritch just oozes it out. It’s probably my favorite song from the whole album.

Another cover I really dig is:

Because as much as I love Bowie, his German ain’t all that.
[edit] Weirdest thing about Heros is that I don’t speak German, but I don’t really know the words in English. I’ve pretty much only had the version from Sound & Vision in my music collection.


I bought a Voivod CD back in the day only for this:

I think I like it better for the lack of keyboards.

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I swear to god that they read that David Bowie interview in Playboy where he talked about how “Hitler staged a country like a rock star stages and show” and ran with that shit. How else can you explain them?

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Reminded by the conversation in American Youtube musician breaks silence over 100-day detention in Jakarta.

Kawehi covering Heart Shaped Box

As much as I love the original, I think this one may be better. The build sends shivers up my spine.




The Mirettes cover of In The Midnight Hour

@noahdjango you may recognize the bass in this


All the Laibach covers. All of them.


This, because it mangles old raver’s heads trying to figure out what it is when you play it to them.


I – I have failed : /

I’ve got one like that

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Hint: a sound that could turn goat piss into gasoline