COVID-19 killed the last man of an indigenous Brazilian tribe

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I’m sure that fascist Bolsonaro and his Xtianist allies and his cronies in the logging industrysee this as a good thing.

What a horrible history. I hope ethnographers were able to get oral histories from this man before he died.


Covid-19 killed the last member of this group; but not the rest of them :frowning:


The title did say “last man” but he did have daughters. Either ladies don’t count as proper tribe members or their spouses decide in which tribe they do actually belong.

“Mr. Juma had a daughter with a member of the Uru Eu Wau Wau tribe, and his other daughters all married Uru Eu Wau Wau men.”

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He was the last person of his ethnic and cultural group. He had daughters with people from other ethnic group so they are mixed heritage. They married men from another tribe so their children were educated by this tribe. His grandchildren are only 1/4 juma and 3/4 Uru Eu Wa.

His daughters may have been taught part of his oral tradition but that’s all that was left.


That’s awful.


You guys have no idea how bad the situation is here. Loggers are actively vandalizing buildings belonging to native women, tribe elders (that are considered like living libraries by their people) lost to coronavirus, religious zealots convincing tribes to not vaccinate.

It’s genocide. Bolsonaro absolutely hates and despises native Brazilians.

And things here will get even worse soon.


I am white, so I recommend following native Brazilians to know what is truly happening in Brazil and seeing what you can do to help. They post in Portuguese but Twitter has that link that automatically translates posts so you can use it. There are lots of different verified native people from different ethnicities.

Here are some for starters:

Usually native names are first name people name and there are 100s of different groups, so the more the merrier. Hear them. Know them. There’s lots of amazing people online that you didn’t get to know yet.


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