Brazil's Bolsonaro deploys military to Amazon region

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They’re going to kill off the native tribes. Genocide, pure and simple.


And then the forest and it’s “resources” follow I’m sure.


I think it is not even that elaborated, and it is probably just a publicity stunt, since the ones carrying the deforestation are his supporters, and he never vowed to protect the forest, IIRC, his discourse was that he prefers some progress from farmland expansion than the forest staying alive.
The people cutting down the trees already kill the natives in their way, and there is no need for the army to take the virus there to continue the genocide.

No, they’ll just make sure it happens faster, while much of the world is too distracted to stage any sort of intervention.


You don’t fight deforestation with guns, silly.

When I first read that title, I got excited because I thought Brazil was finally going to deal with the corporate monopoly in the right way. And then I realized that this is Bolsonaro and it was the other Amazon. :frowning:

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