COVID-19 patients beg for the vaccine, but it is too late

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Start video/filming them verbally lamenting their stupid decisions not to get vaccinated, then put those out as Public Service Announcements 24/7. It just might help…


Slightly better than the morons who claim to their last wheezing breath that the virus that’s killing them is a hoax. But still morons.


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Start video/filming them verbally lamenting their stupid decisions not to get vaccinated, then put those out as Public Service Announcements 24/7. It just might help…

That’s a surefire way of opening your entire family up to getting harassed after your death for supporting a ‘crisis actor’.

…and I wish I could add a “/s” to that… but we know that exact thing would happen.


At this point, at least for American patients, the pandemic is political; just not in the sense that the people who say that generally have in mind.

Team R&D have done their thing, manufacturing volumes are high enough that vaccination efforts are now more demand constrained than supply constrained; but voluntary plague continues to poll astonishingly well, even among people whose odds aren’t so hot.


They didn’t expect the leopards to eat their faces.


As to why that “makes sense”, from the perspective of the sado-populist: “If you hurt people you create a resource of pain and anxiety and fear that can be directed against others. You teach people this is normal. ‘The government cannot help you, life is full of pain but we have the consolation that others are suffering more grievances’.




I don’t think they’re morons - they are victims of an incredibly effective propaganda exercise created by people who don’t give a damn how many people they kill in their pursuit of power and profit.


The sad part is that it’s clumsy propaganda to boot! I lived in the former Soviet Union for several years. Now that was good propaganda!


Which is why I stand by my contention that they’re morons.


This isn’t an optimistic disagreement on my part; but I suspect that you underestimate the amount of distance between “sitting contentedly on top of Maslow’s Hierarchy in a stable, first-world, democracy with a low Gini coefficient and a high HDI value” and “literally all dead”.

Much of that distance involves some desperate mix of precarious subsistence-level activity, brutal levels of morbidity and mortality; and constant low to medium intensity violence; but envying the dead isn’t being dead.


It may be effective, but it’s also lazy and ham-fisted. It’s not hard to see the lies, the contempt and the blatant fearmongering insanity- they’re barely even trying, because they know so many people ARE morons and will believe pretty much anything they’re told. The only reason it’s working so well is because the people falling for it are putting in even less effort. “What are the consequences if I’m wrong?” is not a hard question to ask, but one that they apparently can’t be bothered with. They are not blameless.


I doubt it will help. There already has been a steady stream of news reports from people saying things like “COVID killed my husband so now I believe in vaccines”

Then again I doubt such stories are aired on Fox.


There are vaccines for Covid, unfortunately, there is no cure for stupid.


The root problem is that critical thinking (which can easily solve these “should I get vaccinated” questions) is required. And critical thinking is a skill that must be practiced. Most people don’t know this, so are simply unaware that they should be upping their brain game. And finally, lots of people are lazy thinkers, so even if they knew there was a good path to the answers, it’s too much work.

So its a combination of ignorance and stupidity. And to me, the “willfully ignorant” can be classified as stupid.


education has been curing stupidity for millenia


It’s not really that sophisticated.

I genuinely feel if you buy into the antivax lies, then you’re not very smart and also pretty bad at critical thinking.

Yes they’re victims, but don’t pretend it could happen to anyone.


That says maybe, but a lot of people know the thin end of the wedge when they see it; And the collapse of civilization generally starts with little things that go unnoticed until it’s far too late.

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Some friends of mine tested positive a couple days ago; they hadn’t got vaccinated because they felt that there wasn’t enough information out there regarding side effects or effectiveness.

I… may had said some things in response to that which I instantly regretted, mostly to the effect of ‘and half a million plus dead wasn’t enough?’