COVID-19 patients beg for the vaccine, but it is too late

I don’t think most poeple know how the two major mRNA vaccines work. Not condoning conspiracy theories, but it is a relatively novel method of creating a vaccine and it doesn’t work like live or dead virus vaccines work. It uses an entirely new (but still very tested) methodology.

I wonder how many of the dudes found out they got their girlfriend pregnant and then asked if they could put on a condom.


Yeah, but stupidity has a strong survival instinct, even if stupid people do not. Education doesn’t stand a chance where stupidity makes the rules.

Normally I would agree, but the sad state of vaccination in Alabama may mean that some couldn’t get vaccinated in the first place. Healthier people who deferred until those more at risk could get the jab, no vaccine available without having to drive three counties over since the local pharmacy belongs to a wingnut, and so on.

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I’m not even talking about that level of knowledge, just the basic basic stuff. Like a vaccine can’t prevent you from getting something you already fucking have.


Ok. I’ll allow that those people are just ignorant about how vaccines work.


Just checked and in Mobile, Al you can get the shot today at any Walgreens.


Yeah, asking for a vaccine when you are already sick does not help. That is worse than being uninformed about where to get the needle jab, it’s a condemnation of Alabama’s education.

That I will grant, even though I will still try to be a good forgiving socialist and give them as much of the benefit of the doubt as I can.


You say that, but would you fall for one of these:



I really wonder how this is going to effect elections, campaigning, etc. The unvaccinated are the ones dying. Their golden cow and fox/newsmax/oann are telling them vaccine BAD! I haven’t seen a big uptick in those vaccinated since hannity and others recommended getting the jab. So, they’re killing their constituency or maybe just debilitating them for life, how do they expect to take the House in '22 and Presidency in '24. El Hefty may say he’s running in 2024, but it’s just for grifting purposes. He’s going to be too insane or too dead to be able to run again.

By winning with a minority. Via disenfranchisement and voter suppression and gerrymandering.

Let’s not forget: conservatives don’t believe in democracy at all. They believe in power.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve mentioned I’m vaccinated and someone pipes up saying: “I’ll never get the vaccine, it’s so artificial and synthetic, it can’t be good for you. Vaccines make your immune system lazy anyway.”

Like, what doctor with a medical licence told you that?


I sometimes wonder about the effect of the constant bombardment of commercial advertisements have upon large swaths of the collective psyche. The psychological ploys wielded to wedge products into the various modes of human fear and desire is both appalling and horrifying. I can barely imagine what a constant diet of that shit would yield other than a certain degree of “pliability.”

Hate to through water on your metaphor, but fire suppressant foam is nasty stuff. full of forever PFAS compounds that cause cancer and are early transported via groundwater to water supplies.
Still if I was on fire put it out with anything. I’ll take the cancer later to avoid the 3rd degree burns.

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