Covid misinformation videos overwhelm YouTube

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I am certainly being overwhelmed by the ubiquitous “The Epoch Times” advertisements attached to most of the YouTube videos that I see these days. YouTube is cashing-in on the misinformation gravy train.


Yeah, we’re screwed.

(Pours whisky.)


One of the reasons I outright don’t watch YouTube unless it’s something like a cartoon or someone getting hit in the nuts with a skateboard attached to a known, vetted source. Way too many people using random strangers ranting on YouTube as their primary source of “evidence” about too many things.


The worst is when people post crap on social media with the addendum “watch now before YouTube takes it down!!!” as if violating YouTube’s content standards was somehow a sign that a source was MORE trustworthy.


YT has been overrun with such videos, not only in English language. While the previous misinformation occurred mostly in the English world, now the whole world is being radicalized. It’s been painful to see a few relatives and friends change over a few weeks. Most of them want to watch but not read real info. I wish there were some good debunking videos.


There are, they just don’t get nearly as much play and are rarely seen by the people who desperately need them.

Even when they do get to see the debunking, by the time someone has seen the original conspiracy video it’s often too late because the seed of misinformation and distrust has already been planted.




Somebody drank one, didn’t they?


Facebook banned The Epoch Times from running ads.


I reported some of those videos. Will that help? Who knows?


Ohhhh this might be a good band name.

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It’s all about ethics in masochistic voyeurism.

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No one wants to watch that. Imagine a movie like Pacific Rim with real physics…

As a side note, this is why I think a lot of the better horror/sci-fi movies focus less on suspension of reality and work more in the viewers mind. A movie like The Babadook or Saw are all somewhat possible and that’s what makes them scary.

Can 5G cause physical issues…no and yes? 5G as it is defined no, but throw enough power behind it and you’re into military weapons territory. It’s all in how you frame what you are saying. Is your smart meter beaming thoughts into your brain? No, it’s more likely some combination of disorders are manifesting themselves into you believing something is occuring that is not. (not that I’m diagnosing anyone, but I have watched many of the smart meter videos and they share similar vibes). I feel sad for these people, not anger at the technology.

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It would be really easy for YouTube to police this. Monitor trends, get someone to look at trending videos, and remove as appropriate.

Of course, this would involve YouTube actually employing people, which is difficult when they have so little money. /s


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