YouTube's demonetization codes sleuthed out in HTML

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That last link is why I have no hope for my children, because it confirms Idiocracy and Brazil are the sci-fi futures we’re heading for.


Was looking for YouTube demon codes, left disappointed.


if we’re real lucky.

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Pretty despicable obfuscation on the part of YouTube. Oh, and to your comment regarding the second linked video: Old Man Yells at Cloud.


this unwatchable YouTube viral chum nightmare padded out to nine numbing minutes -

I dunno - I kinda like it. And not because of the vintage Star Wars figures. Ok, not JUST because of the vintage Star Wars figures.

Although it autoplayed the next video and it was a show against Daddy of Five and their fans and now I am sad.

102: profanity
104: sexually suggestive content
109: sensational and shocking
113: tragedy and conflict
115: Sensitive social issues (controversial, guns, etc)

Wait… so YouTube is for these things, or against?

To be fair, YT only obfuscates their algorithms because there’s SO much money to be made in gaming the system. They have to change their algos constantly in order to keep the SEO crowd from completely destroying user experience.

And yes, it’s unpleasant that a “coming out” video was demonetised - but that was stated as being due to an error in captioning leading to a flagging. YT is so huge that you have to use algorithmic flagging of some kind to keep up with the super-firehose of content continually hitting their servers, and if you use algorithms, you’re gonna have an error rate. I feel bad for ya’, son, but it’s YT’s platform - if you want a platform where everything is manually reviewed, it’s out there… But they’re gonna take a LOT bigger cut (of a much smaller revenue stream) if you do that. Actually not a great deal, when you think about it.

I think a lot of the people complaining are really upset about the fact that YT isn’t the Wild West anymore, and that they’re having to act a lot more like “classical” media companies to be able to produce content and utilize YT’s platform for it. I mean… Yeah. Everyone said that would happen when YT got big and dominant enough. And right now it’s really not worth it to try and pull out for creators, because they’d have to take virtually every content producer with them, otherwise the ones that stay behind would just absorb their viewership and nothing would change.


Apparently, against. Which is stupid, and bad business.

Well, sure, that’s a valid complaint. YouTube was innovative because it wasn’t the dinosaur broadcast media. Becoming them is regressive and desperate. It is smarter to play to the strengths of your medium, and the strength of the internet is decentralization.

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A lot of the people I know who are complaining, are complaining because their perfectly acceptable (and ultimately vindicated by manual review) videos are flagged and demonitized during the time they get the most views, and they have less income as a result.

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Is this a Pewdie Pie support video?

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